Parchment Paper

Our parchment paper is a versatile addition to your store, ideal for various applications. Offered at unbeatable wholesale prices, this paper is the perfect solution for wrapping, storing, and even baking.


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RAW | Parchment Squares | 5in x 5in - Natural - 500 Count - 1RAW | Parchment Squares | 5in x 5in - Natural - 500 Count - 2
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RAW Parchment Squares
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Silicone Coated Parchment Paper | 24in x 16in - Natural Brown - 100 Count - 1Silicone Coated Parchment Paper | 24in x 16in - Natural Brown - 100 Count - 2
PP-BRN 24X16
Silicone Coated Parchment Paper
24 x 16
Natural Brown

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Clear Non-Stick Sheets | 4in x 4in - FEP Teflon - 1000 Count - 1Clear Non-Stick Sheets | 4in x 4in - FEP Teflon - 1000 Count - 2
Clear Non-Stick Sheets
4 x 4
FEP Teflon

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Parchment Paper

Non stick parchment paper is integral to the success and efficiency of cannabis concentrate manufacturing. Parchment paper sheets, especially silicone parchment sheets, make handling, shaping, and packaging concentrates exponentially easier. It’s no secret that concentrates are sticky; wax, budder, sauce - it’s all there in the names. Even concentrates like shatter that don’t sound sticky are extremely adhesive. That’s where coated parchment paper swoops in to save the day.

Well, it more so saves the production equipment and your employees’ gloves from getting coated in sticky concentrate goo. That stuff is not only stubbornly clingy, it’s also a huge waste of some of your most valuable products when it sticks to things it shouldn’t. Cannabis concentrates are pricey - pricey to source or make and pricey for consumers. But thanks to our ultra-affordable parchment paper for concentrates, you can reduce waste during manufacturing and for your customers at home.

With one bulk parchment paper order, you can be stocked with thousands of non stick parchment sheets that make life with cannabis concentrates easier and more efficient for everyone who handles them. Follow along as we explain more about what coated parchment paper is, the different types, what you can use it for (parchment paper for rosin press usage is a MUST!), and more information!


What Is Parchment Paper?

Parchment paper is either bleached or unbleached paper coated in a thin layer of silicone or Teflon. Concentrate manufacturers use various parchment papers as rosin press parchment paper, resin parchment paper, shatter wrapping, and for wrapping small amounts of wax, crumble, and other concentrates before placing them in an airtight dab container.

The best parchment for rosin pressing isn’t necessarily the best paper for live resin or other BHOs, which is why multiple types of parchment paper are used.

It’s important to distinguish between wax paper or parchment paper for dabs here because the two are actually quite different, despite their similar qualities. Parchment paper is heat safe (typically up to ~ 420°F) and often comes pre cut into parchment paper squares. Wax paper is not heat safe - the wax coating melts and can even burn - and traditionally comes in a roll.

You might be thinking, “Can I use either wax paper or parchment paper for dabs?” In general, we don’t recommend using wax paper for dabs or other concentrates. Even if you’re intending to wrap your dabs for distribution in it and you don’t intend on using it around heat, wax paper is still not the best dab paper or BHO paper - it sticks. The best parchment paper for dabs is ... oh, we already said it: non stick parchment paper.

In addition to unbleached light brown and bleached white parchment paper sheets, we also carry clear parchment paper sheets. All three varieties make excellent oil dabbing sheets and are great for handling or wrapping sticky, tacky cannabis concentrates. However, there is one more difference between a few of our bulk parchment paper varieties: Teflon-coated versus silicone coated. Head to the next section to see which is best as a rosin press parchment paper, BHO paper, resin parchment paper, and other common uses.


What Types of Parchment Sheets Are There?

All of our non stick parchment paper comes in 4x4 parchment squares with the exception of the unrefined RAW parchment paper 3x3 parchment sheets. It seems most people in the industry have settled on the 3x3 or 4x4 parchment paper for concentrates as the best sizes. While there is no “best parchment paper for dabs,” there are different parchment paper coatings that are best suited for different kinds of dabs.

We carry two kinds of non stick parchment paper for concentrates: silicone parchment paper and Teflon parchment paper. The distinction between the coatings is essential when it comes to different concentrate types because, generally, silicone is not compatible with butane-derived extracts, more commonly known as butane hash oil (BHO). So while silicone-coated paper is the best parchment paper for rosin press use, it isn’t really recommended to put resin or live resin dabs on parchment paper coated in silicone.

That’s because rosin/live rosin are derived through solventless extraction, while resin/live resin are both BHO extracts. Thus, the best parchment paper for pressing rosin is silicone rosin parchment paper, and the best resin parchment paper is the Teflon-coated paper. If you work with mainly BHO extracts, we recommend going with a PFTE Teflon-coated bulk parchment paper order.

However, if you work with solventless extracts, you can feel free to work with silicone-coated parchment paper sheets all the time! The benefits of solventless extracts are endless, but the ability to work with silicone paper is actually quite frugal - silicone-coated parchment paper for rosin press use is decently less expensive than Teflon-coated paper. That being said, both are quite affordable, but we suppose you could call silicone-coated rosin press parchment paper “cheap” in comparison to the FEP Teflon or PFTE Teflon paper.


Is Non Stick Parchment Paper Safe for Weed & Wax?

Technically, yes, Teflon and silicone parchment sheets are “safe” for weed (marijuana) and hemp flower. Small parchment paper sheets are safe (with previously discussed exceptions, of course) for the extracts from both types of cannabis flower and, as such, are safe for the original flower. However, the same thing that applies to wax paper or parchment paper for dabs applies to using wax or parchment paper for weed.

The wax coating on wax paper strongly adheres to the oils in cannabis flower - the same oils that are extracted to make dabs, wax, shatter, etc. As such, we do not recommend wrapping your weed or hemp flower in wax paper - doing so will likely damage your nugs and (potentially) their efficacy. While you are technically free to wrap your weed in PFTE Teflon or silicone coated paper, we don’t fully recommend that either.

In general, parchment paper is used in the cannabis industry for concentrates and edibles. It’s typically used as rosin parchment paper, or parchment paper for rosin press use, wrapping shatter, handling sticky concentrates/edibles, etc. Some manufacturers or dispensaries will use a small piece to wrap a gram of wax before putting it in an airtight jar, which helps reduce wax sticking to the container and getting wasted.

But it’s the airtight jars, typically glass or silicone dab containers, that keep the wax, dabs, crumble, etc. fresh, potent, and safe. A budtender would never (or at least should never) sell a gram of dabs wrapped only in parchment paper without a jar - A) that would violate several laws and B) the concentrate would dry or get lost within a day or two. The same thing applies to storing dabs at home, and it also applies to manufacturing, selling, and storing weed.

Wrapping weed in parchment paper won’t damage your bud (as long as you don’t squish it within), but it also won’t keep it safe from the elements. If your bud is particularly sticky, though, feel free to line the inside of your jars with natural parchment paper before tossing your buds in and sealing it tightly. This will stop the nugs from sticking to the airtight jar that’s keeping your weed fresh.

Where Can I Buy Bulk Parchment Paper?

Buying bulk parchment paper has never been easier, more efficient, or more affordable thanks to our diverse collection of the best parchment paper for dabs. You can put all kinds of dabs on parchment paper from our shop - as we mentioned, we carry both Teflon and silicone-coated paper, AKA parchment paper for BHO and non-BHO extracts.

The best parchment paper for shatter, a popular BHO extract formed into a hard candy-like sheet, is Teflon paper. We want to call out shatter specifically since it’s almost ALWAYS wrapped in parchment paper before being placed in shatter packaging for distribution. Many other concentrates are wrapped in small pieces of parchment paper, but it isn’t as common a practice as wrapping shatter in full sheets of non stick parchment paper.

On the other hand, the best parchment for rosin pressing is silicone paper from our collection. Parchment paper for rosin press use is a super common practice - you pretty much have to use it for things to run smoothly and efficiently. And since rosin and live rosin are non-BHO extracts, silicone parchment paper is the best paper for dabs of their kind. You can certainly use Teflon parchment paper for pressing rosin if you wish, but don’t forget that silicone is no doubt more affordable - if you can use it and save money, why not?

Parchment Paper - The Bottom Line

Whether you need premium silicone rosin press parchment paper, PFTE Teflon shatter wrapping parchment paper, or unrefined RAW natural parchment papers, we’ve got you covered. Our bulk parchment paper offerings take care of everything you could possibly need this simple product for - from handing, to manufacturing, to safekeeping, to sales.

In addition to being integral for concentrate manufacturing, many dab connoisseurs keep a stockpile of parchment paper at home. Some use sheets as dab mats (fallen dabs on parchment paper are MUCH easier to salvage than fallen dabs on tables or floors), others use it to wrap their concentrates within jars, and some even attempt making their own concentrates at home. While we know this should be left to experts like you, there’s no stopping creative stoners, and they might as well have access to the best materials.

For those reasons, we recommend keeping a supply of parchment papers, even ones intended as the best parchment for rosin pressing, in your dispensary or smoke shop. Keeping professional supplies like high grade rosin press parchment paper in your store shows your professionalism and helps your customers, especially less experienced ones, feel comfortable handling dabs.

Plus, we can actually help you design custom parchment paper sheets - either for wrapping shatter or for selling to your dispensary clientele. Custom cannabis packaging is truly the best way to get your brand recognized and remembered in the cannabis community.

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