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Percolator Bongs

Enhance your smoking experience with our percolator bongs. Designed for smooth, filtered hits, these bongs are offered in a variety of styles at unbeatable wholesale prices.

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Percolator Bongs

Percolator bongs, often referred to as perc bongs, are an innovative twist on the classic water pipes we all know and love. A bong percolator or perc is a type of filtration device that comes in many, many different styles. Some are designed for ultimate functionality while others are designed for ultimate aesthetic appeal. Whichever kind of perc bong you choose to go with, though, you’ll find it can dramatically improve your entire smoking experience.

A bong with percolator features is a particularly great choice for those who are bothered by the harshness of puffing classic waterless hand pipes and beaker bongs. Just to clarify, a beaker bong is a percolator-less, typically medium to large sized water pipe that resembles the shape of a glass science beaker - you know, like the ones you used in high school chemistry on lab days. You can get a beaker bong with perc features, for sure, but when something is described as just a beaker bong it typically won’t have a bong percolator.

Percolator bongs provide excellent filtration, aesthetic appeal, and value to glass smoking pieces. We have a lot to cover in this piece, including various information on the two dozen perc types in our collection. From a showerhead perc to a matrix perc, from a double perc bong to a triple perc bong, we’ve got it all and more. Let’s dive in and explore more about the numerous bong perc types and the best percolator bongs in our collection.


What Are Percolator Bongs?

Percolator bongs are a step up in performance from regular bong designs, which, don’t get us wrong, are also really awesome smoking pieces. But one of the main concerns raised by cannabis smokers is that the smoke is too harsh, it bothers their throats/lungs, it affects their vocal abilities after repeated use, and it doesn’t always taste so great. A percolator weed bong helps to alleviate some of those concerns and issues, which can be particularly plaguing for cannabis smokers who are singers, public speakers, and others who rely on their vocal abilities for their careers.

If you’ve never seen a glass percolator bong or water pipe before, the general base and shape design of them is typically similar to other, non per bongs. But within the main chamber of a percolator water pipe, sitting on or near the base you’ll find a type of glass contraption that can take numerous different forms. But there are also multi chamber bong designs that can come with percolators in more than one if not all of the chambers. Those percolator bongs provide the best filtration and cleanest, best tasting puffs out of any smoking device, besides, perhaps, vaporizers.

What Types Of Percolators Are There?

Whew, get ready, because we carry 24 different types of percolator bongs. Don’t worry, we’re not going to go into detail about each and everyone - we’ll just be touching on the most popular perc bong types. We’ll also chat about how a bong with percolator features can come in the form of a double barrel bong or double perc bong. Below, you’ll find a list of all 24 percolator types in our collection, and then we’ll jump into some of the most popular styles.

  • Atomic Perc
  • Atomic Donut Perc
  • Barrel Perc
  • Circ Perc
  • Diffused Perc
  • Dome Perc
  • Frog Barrel Perc
  • Fruit Tree Perc
  • Honeycomb Perc
  • Inline Perc
  • Matrix Perc
  • Megaphone Perc
  • Mushroom Perc
  • Orb Perc
  • Painted Barrel Perc
  • Painted Circ Perc
  • Quad Matrix Perc
  • Showerhead Perc
  • Swirl Barrel Perc
  • Swirl Orb Perc
  • Tree Perc

Shower Head & Double Shower Head Bong Perc

A showerhead perc is almost exactly what it sounds like: a thick disc-like, mostly hollow glass formation with holes or slits in the bottom. The top is attached to the dowstem, AKA the part of the bong that extends to the exterior and holds the bowl full of herb while you spark up. The smoke travels through the downstem and goes through the showerhead perc to be filtered before entering the water. Then, as you lift the bowl away and continue your inhalation, the filtered smoke travels up through the neck and into your lungs!

A double showerhead perc bong can come in either a one chamber or multi chamber bong design. The more percolators, the better filtration, and showerhead percs are incredibly popular as some of the best percolators on the market.

Tree Bong

A tree perc bong is another super popular perc style, but not just for its fun name! Although, because of their shape, we sometimes think they should also be called “octopus percs.” A tree perc is a small glass dome with multiple small glass tubes coming out from the bottom, typically extending almost all the way to the base, but they don’t have to be that long. They just have to enter the water level. See how we might think “octopus perc” is a good name?

Matrix Bong

A matrix perc is similar to a showerhead perc but actually comes with multiple layers and a hefty amount of holes or slits. They provide supreme filtration for anyone looking for the smoothest puffs possible.

Honeycomb Perc Bong

A honeycomb perc bong is a super popular style for those interested in aesthetic appeal as well as functionality. A honeycomb bong perc is a thin-ish disk with holes muttered across the surface - it filters extremely well and looks even better while doing it.


How Do Perc Bongs Change The Smoking Experience?

A glass percolator bong, especially a double percolator bong, can make ALL the difference for cannabis smokers, particularly those who are sensitive to the harsh smoke typically associated with inhaling cannabis. But percolator bongs aren’t just for those with throat and lung sensitivities. The best percolator bongs make smoking a smoother and better tasting experience that (hopefully) will have you coughing way less and enjoying your cannabis way more.

But what are the best percolator bongs you ask? Do you have to have a triple percolator bong, a 2 chamber bong, or some other super fancy and potentially super pricey style to reap the top-notch benefits of percolators? The simple answer is no, you don’t have to get some sort of elaborate 3 perc bong to improve your smoking experience. A simple inline perc bong or honeycomb perc bong, both of which we’ll explain below, is all you need to elevate your smoke sessions from harsh to enjoyable.

An inline bong is one of the simplest and best percolator bongs that’s inexpensive and perfect for those looking to level up from a regular water pipe. An inline bong perc is a horizontal or slightly diagonal glass tube with holes/slits along the bottom that sits within the main chamber of a percolator water pipe. A honeycomb bong perc somewhat resembles the grinding chamber of a metal grinder used for shredding cannabis before smoking. A honeycomb perc bong feature is typically a disc that’s a couple of millimeters thick and has numerous holes/slits dotted all over. Since they’re generally clear or translucent glass, you can see the hole through the disc, which makes them look almost like the spokes in a grinder.


Does My Head Shop Need a Bong With Percolator?

As a head shop, your customers will walk in expecting to see every kind of glass smoking apparatus imaginable, which definitely includes bongs with ice catcher and percolators. Ice catchers are internal knockers within the neck of bongs that, per their name, hold ice so that as you inhale, the smoke is cooled, making the puffs even less harsh. Bongs with catcher and percolators are pretty much a cannabis smoker’s dream smooth smoking device.

If you’re trying to add some bong with percolator options to your shelves, we have some recommendations for where to start. Begin with a couple of simple, popular options, such as inline percolator bong and honeycomb percolator bong styles. Those are some of the most recognizable names and, because of their straightforward designs, can also be relatively inexpensive.

Next, consider stocking some double barrel bong or double chamber bong percolator styles. A double perc bong is a great way for customers to level up, in a way, from the single chamber percolator water pipe. As people get more comfortable with smoking, they tend to explore and become more adventurous in the ways they go about it, often seeking more advanced and interesting methods. Personalization and convenience are everything to the modern cannabis crowd, so providing them with a range of glass percolator bong options is a great way to satiate their interests and help them grow into their own ways of consumption.


Are Bongs With Percolators Better Than Smoking Blunts?

It depends on how you’re defining “better” but yes, in terms of how healthy and smooth tasting the puffs are from a bong with percolator features, they’re better than smoking traditional blunts. Traditional blunt wraps are made from nicotine-rich tobacco leaves that have been proven to pose numerous health risks. On top of that, tobacco leaves have pungent aromas and flavors that greatly affect the natural taste of your favorite cannabis strains.

That being said, there are now a number of nicotine and tobacco-free blunt wraps that are primarily made from hemp and other natural fibers. Some are made to mimic the flavors and aromas of tobacco leaves while others are meant to avoid those sensory aspects altogether. We carry a very wide range of those tobacco and nicotine-free blunt wraps, if you’re interested. But in the end, if you’re looking for the purest, cleanest, and most natural puffs of cannabis smoke, bong filter types like percolator bongs are our best option.

With any kind of glass percolator bong, be it a honeycomb bong, triple perc bong, double barrel bong, showerhead perc bong, tree perc bong, or anything really, you’ll have a cleaner smoke than with any type of blunt wrap.


Where To Buy Percolator Bongs Wholesale

If you’ve been searching for percolator bongs for cheap, you’ve hit the jackpot by choosing us here at Marijuana Packaging. We make and carry every type of cannabis packaging and smoke shop material for every kind of cannabis business - from the glass jars that hold the flower to the honeycomb bong your favorite customer smokes it out of.

Our wholesale prices on our hundreds of glass percolator bong and percolator water pipe options are affordable and accessible to everyone. But just to sweeten the deal even more, our price beat guarantee is part of what keeps our customers coming back time and again. And even though our bong with percolator wholesale prices are low, that’s no reflection on their extremely high quality.

Whether you’re looking for simplistic bong percolator styles like an inline bong or something more complex like a double chamber bong with a showerhead perc, you’ll find that each and every style in our collection is a top notch choice for your shop. And if you’re an individual smoker looking to scoop an affordable honeycomb perc bong, we can help you out with that, too.

Percolator Bongs - The Bottom Line

When it comes to bong percolator features, there’s simply no better way to improve upon your typical smoking experiences. Maybe you’ve been bothered by the harshness of your regular beaker bong and are looking for a way to make things easier on your lungs. Or maybe you’re just looking to impress the other people in your smoke circle with a fancy, technologically advanced tree perc bong or honeycomb bong. Or maybe you just really need cheap glass bongs with percolators for your burgeoning head shop. No matter what’s up or what you’re looking for, we’re here to hook you up with the very best percolator water pipe and bong styles on the market.

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