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Acrylic & Plastic Water Pipes

Experience the durability and functionality of our acrylic and plastic water pipes. With an array of colors and designs to choose from, these affordable pieces are perfect for any occasion.

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Acrylic Bong

Did you know that the majority of weed smokers in this country consist of Millennials and Gen Z? According to this information, it would be wise for smoke shops and head shops like yours to target these people and make sure you stock up on cannabis products that you know they like or may like. For example, the plastic water bong.

Consider this, Millennials and Gen Z are being raised in the age of technology, correct? So instead of having a camera, a GPS or map, a phone, a computer, and a camcorder, these people are now living with all of the above in one device...their smartphone. These people are now comfortable with the convenience and most of them do not want to go back to carrying all of those individual things around with them. So what this means is that for your smoke shop to survive you need to sell cannabis products that are not only reliable and simple to operate but most of all... CONVENIENT.


What Is An Acrylic Bong?

Simply put, it is a bong that is made out of plastic. What makes acrylic water pipes so special is that, unlike glass bongs, they are very durable and less likely to break. This means that acrylic bongs can last a lifetime or a few generations.

Acrylic bongs are growing in popularity across the country and in the marijuana community as weed continues to be legalized due to the changing of cannabis laws. This is great news for weed smokers, online head shops, smoke stores, or marijuana dispensaries like yours. Mainly because this allows you to utilize your knowledge of who the majority of cannabis consumers are in the marijuana industry and purchase a convenient, reliable product like the acrylic bong in bulk.


What Types Of Plastic Bongs Are Available?

We offer straight neck acrylic water pipes with an egg-shaped bowl and a head-shaped bowl. We also sell gas masks with the acrylic water pipe attached in a variety of colors.

There are quite a few types of acrylic bongs with percolator available out there. Which acrylic water pipes you decide to purchase in bulk at our cheap wholesale prices generally depends on your specific preference. But before you choose which cheap acrylic bongs are going to make you the most money, we are going to do our best to ensure you have all the information you need to make the most educated decision. So take your time when you browse because here at Marijuana Packaging we only offer the best acrylic bongs.


Does My Head Shop Need To Keep Acrylic Bongs In Stock?

Yes, your head shop needs silicone bongs in stock. Since this is true, doing business with leaders in the weed packaging industry such as Marijuana Packaging, guarantees you're getting the best acrylic bongs at the most incredibly generous low prices. Unless you don't want your weed business to stand out amongst marijuana companies or succeed for that matter, you need to buy acrylic bongs with percolator in bulk.

Each acrylic bong is instrumental to your head shop and its success. Without a small plastic bong as some of your healthy and convenient cannabis product options, your smoke store is not going to survive in this industry.

Keep in mind, there are people out there that can't roll joints or blunts. Or perhaps they just don't have the time to do so nor smoke the whole thing. It's also possible that maybe they don't enjoy tobacco cannabis products. Hence why having a reliable cannabis product like the plastic bong is a very intelligent business decision.

Having acrylic water pipes will solve this problem for these people because there is no rolling involved and no tobacco, it's quick and extremely convenient.

By not utilizing acrylic water pipes you are shooting yourself in the foot. Why would you not invest in plastic water pipes knowing it is such a lucrative market guaranteed to make you money?


Where To Buy Acrylic Bongs Wholesale

If you want an individual acrylic bong you can go to your local smoke shop but if you want to purchase an order of mini plastic bong wholesale, look no further you're already in the right spot! That's right you can find the perfect cheap acrylic bongs you're looking for right here at Marijuana Packaging.

Even in the rare and highly unlikely event that you don't find what you want with us, you're going to need to go to an online smoke shop to locate acrylic water pipes. But, the best, most affordable, acrylic bongs are going to be found with the most reliable companies and Marijuana Packaging is one of them.

We know how tricky it can be to decide which small plastic bong to purchase but each plastic water bong located on our site is equally effective as the next. Listen, by now you understand that cheap acrylic bongs are a must-have because of their convenience and longevity.

The process of packing a plastic water bong is quick, simple and the plastic water pipe itself can last a very long time so it is a good investment for you and your marijuana customers.

Acrylic Bong - The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that every plastic water pipe investment excels your business to new heights and allows you to surpass your competition or at the very least, levels the playing field between you and them. As leaders in marijuana packaging, we are very familiar with what is selling to weed smokers and what wholesale products the most successful cannabis companies are purchasing. So you've probably already guessed it, but just in case you haven't, the mini plastic bong is one of those popularly bought and used products.

This means the demand for a plastic water pipe isn't going to disappear anytime soon. You, as the smart smoke store, online head shop, or marijuana dispensary that you are, must take advantage of the need for plastic water pipes. So do yourself a favor and get your acrylic water pipes today in bulk while these great low prices last and bring in a definite avenue of cash flow.

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