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Pop Cones

Pop cones offer a fun, convenient way to enjoy your smoking sessions. Easy to use and available in a variety of flavors at wholesale prices, these cones are perfect for on-the-go enjoyment.


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POP CONES | 1 1/4 Size Unbleached Pre-Rolled Cones | 84mm - Tropical Mango - 400 Count - 1POP CONES | 1 1/4 Size Unbleached Pre-Rolled Cones | 84mm - Tropical Mango - 400 Count - 2

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Pop Cones

Learn More About Our Pop Cones Pre Rolled Cones

Say goodbye to boring smoking sessions with our incredible Pop Cones Pre Rolled Cones. These cool items provide a convenient and fun way to elevate the smoking experience. The brand takes a new spin on the old classic with its innovative flavored pre rolled cones, providing an exciting way for consumers to enjoy their pre rolls.

Pop Cones is one of the first brands in the industry to offer Flavored Pre Rolled Cones. They include Strawberry Jam, Super Sweet, Banana Cream, and Tropical Mango. These cones are also available in two different sizes: the king size and the 1 1/4 size, which can hold about one gram and 0.75g of herbs, respectively.

Moreover, you can get pop cones pre rolled cones with bleached or unbleached papers. While these are both excellent options, the latter is more popular among consumers - and for good reason. They provide 100% natural smoke due to the lack of chemical additives. Other reputable brands also use unbleached papers for their cones, including Futurola Pre Rolled Cones, Hara Supply Pre Rolled Cones, and RAW Pre Rolled Cones.

The unique thing about these cones is the flavor beads on their filter tips, which are made from natural fruit terpenes to enhance the smoking experience. All you have to do is squeeze and pop the flavor bead to release a flavorful cloud of smoke.

Explore Our Amazing RoL Pre Rolled Cones

Our collection also includes incredible RoL Pre Rolled Cones. With their 100% ultra-thin authentic French rice papers, these products are a true representation of elegance and artistry. As a result, many consumers consider them among the best pre rolled cones in the market, alongside raw pre rolled cones, futurola pre rolled cones, and other top brands.

RoL cones are available in two styles - Porcelain White and Khaki Brown. These cones are not only elegantly simple but also highly functional. This showcases RoL's dedication to meticulous attention to detail in all its products. The cones also come with a beautiful brandable crutch that can be incredibly beneficial for brands.

Furthermore, Rol cones come in multiple sizes to cater to different herb amounts. Here's what you can get.

  • Dog Walker Size cones
  • 1 1/4 Size joint cones
  • 98 Special Size cones
  • King Size cones

Discover Our Pre Roll Joint Packaging Products

Apart from our collection of joint cones, we also provide excellent pre roll packaging products. These wholesale packaging items are designed to combine aesthetics and functionality, creating the perfect storage solution for your pre-rolled joints and blunts.

You can also personalize them to create Custom Pre Roll Packaging items, which can go a long way in promoting your brand. Add custom logos, graphics, stickers, and even QR codes to spruce up your packaging to ensure your products stand out.

You can get various types of joint packaging products from our store. Here's a look at the most prevalent ones.

Joint and Blunt Tubes

Pre roll tubes are arguably the most popular joint packaging products. You can get glass, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, or biodegradable tubes depending on your preferences.

Joint Boxes and Containers

Similarly, joint boxes and containers are hot commodities. These items are ideal for designing custom pre roll packaging because they offer plenty of space to work with. You'll find two main types of containers at our store - tin and plastic joint containers.

Mylar Pre Roll Bags

We also have excellent mylar pre roll bags. They're easily customizable, child resistant, tamper evident, and are a great smell proof joint case option.

In conclusion, choosing Pop pre rolled cones to pack your herbs is definitely a smart choice. They are flavorful and provide a smoking experience like no other. Now that you're in the loop, getting these products for your business should be a no-brainer.

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