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You can tie your product's branding with alluring custom retail display boxes. These boxes are ideal for concentrate products, cartomizers, clearomizers, vape cartridges, doob tubes, and more. A custom-designed display box can help make your logo more visible for products that may only reveal branding upon close inspection. It’s the perfect added touch to keep your advertising in the customer’s eye.

Custom display boxes are a unique and excellent way to solidify your brand identity among new and old customers. Although personalized product packaging is a practical way to market your business, it can be in vain if your products only reveal branding upon close inspection.

So, what strategy can you use to make your company stand out, even with products that have minimal branding space? The answer is custom retail display boxes. These retail packaging tools provide a unique and creative way to protect your products while on display and carry your brand image.

What Are Custom Display Boxes?

Custom printed retail display boxes are a type of hybrid product packaging solution. These boxes protect your products while in transit. Once they reach the store, folding the top of the boxes turns them into a display case. Hence, printed display boxes are excellent for storing and showcasing various lightweight items, from retail rolling papers to grinders and lighters.

Custom product display boxes are ideal for businesses to exhibit their products and promote their brand image. They enhance brand awareness by ensuring goods remain in the spotlight, no matter how small they are. Consequently, custom printed display boxes can do wonders for your company's sales.  

How Custom Display Boxes Can Benefit Your Brand

The purpose of customized product display boxes is to grow and publicize your retail business. These packaging items make your logo more prominent and noticeable, which attracts customers to your products and entices them to make purchases. Here are some ways in which custom dispensary display cases can help your company convert onlookers into loyal buyers.

Custom Display Boxes Allow Brands to Make Excellent First Impressions

There's no denying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This statement is especially true when it comes to product packaging and marketing. It's nearly impossible to get a second opportunity to make a lasting impact on customers in the retail industry.

Custom printed display boxes are the key to making an outstanding first impression for your brand. Consumers always go for products that stand out and appeal to their personalities. Custom cannabis display cases enable companies to market their products using the best visual designs curated for their target audience. As a result, this allows brands to make a profound and lasting impression on customers even at the slightest glance.

Custom Display Boxes Make Your Products More Visible

Quite frankly, some products sold in retail stores lack the size required to exploit customized packaging. Products like vape cartridges may only be able to display innovative branding once a customer takes a closer look. Consequently, your products may be indistinguishable from those of other brands when displayed on shelves.

However, custom retail display boxes can make your products stand out. Since they have extra branding space, these packaging items shine a spotlight on your products and make them instantly noticeable.

Finding The Best Custom Product Display Boxes For Your Brand

While we can all agree that custom retail display boxes are famous for making products more noticeable, finding the best supplier is equally important. Some wholesalers may not be able to adequately capture your vision, which can cause more harm than good.

Fortunately, Marijuana Packaging has all the expertise to ensure your custom display boxes represent your brand in the best light. Here are the benefits you get from sourcing your custom printed retail display boxes from us.

A Dedicated Branding Team

The most crucial factor for the success of any project is having the right people for the job. When you source custom display boxes from us, you get access to our excellent team of designers to help bring your vision to reality.

The team has worked with several successful companies to create custom logos and artwork for their packaging. They have also personalized several products, from custom joint papers to lighters and grinders.

Therefore, you can rest assured you have the right people around you when designing your custom printed display boxes. Plus, we can do any customization; if you can imagine it, we can make your vision come true.

Everything Under One Roof

Another excellent advantage of acquiring custom display boxes from Marijuana Packaging is that you get everything under one roof. Our store caters to all the needs of cannabis dispensaries and smoke shops. Thus, you can get printed display boxes and a slew of other weed accessories under one roof.

You will find numerous customizable cannabis products at Marijuana Packaging, including dispensary pre-rolled cones, jars for weed, smoking pipes, compliance labels, shrink wraps, retail blunt wraps, and more. Why waste time and energy sourcing products from multiple suppliers when you can get everything from us?

The Best Prices

What's more, when you acquire custom cannabis display cases from Marijuana Packaging, you'll get the best prices in the market. Our store offers a price-beat guarantee to ensure you get excellent deals. This makes it very conducive for startups and small companies to acquire top packaging products to attract and retain customers.

Low Minimum Order Quantities

Another reason to get custom dispensary display cases from our store is our low minimum order quantities (MOQ). Given the intricate nature of creating custom-branded packaging, most suppliers have substantial MOQs. However, Marijuana Packaging has some of the lowest MOQs to ensure your brand gets the best-customized packaging without breaking the bank.

Minimum Quantity: 500 units

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Unveiling our White Glove Custom Branding on Packaging Services - the perfect union of elegance and personal touch. At Marijuana Packaging, we believe that your packaging should be as unique and distinctive as your brand. That's why we offer an unparalleled service, meticulously crafting premium packaging solutions that perfectly encapsulate your brand's identity, and proudly showcase your unique logo and design.

But our commitment to your brand extends beyond just packaging. We also host a team of seasoned designers who excel at translating your vision into a tangible design. Whether you come to us with a full comprehensive concept, or simply a dream scribbled on a napkin, our design crew will collaborate with you to transform your ideas into a visually striking reality.


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