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Push & Turn Vials

To stay compliant, you need child resistant containers for cannabis packaging. Our push and turn caps keep your bud safe while meeting compliance mandates.

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Push And Turn Vials

Here at Marijuana Packaging, we provide our clients with the best push and turn vials in the cannabis industry. Plus, we offer the quickest turnaround times for the lowest price available! Because of this, the most successful weed companies utilize our child resistant containers as their primary method of cannabis packaging.

This is why we recommend taking your time and collecting all the information you need to make the best business decision on which type of child proof storage containers you want to purchase wholesale with us.

One of the most important benefits of our push and turn vials is that they are child resistant, which means that it would be difficult for a child to open. To ensure your weed's safety, our sealed odor proof child resistant containers are discrete, airtight, and light resistant. This makes our child proof medicine containers one of the most reliable ways of packaging cannabis in the marijuana industry!


What Are Push and Turn Vials?

Push and turn vials are medicine bottles that are primarily used to safely store and transport cannabis or other medicines. Being airtight and light resistant are some important benefits of the unique child resistant containers provided on our website. This means the push and turn cap we have will keep moisture and gases such as oxygen out of your push and turn vials. As a result, your weed will stay fresh for longer and its quality will not be diluted before your consumers get to enjoy it!

Here at Marijuana Packaging, our child resistant containers are discrete, reliable, and extremely easy to use. To open our child proof medicine containers you simply push down and turn the cap. To close it, you push down and turn the opposite way. And that's it, you're done. Furthermore, our push and turn caps are the discrete, reliable, wholesale cannabis product that your company needs to have, period!


Why Are Child Resistant Containers Necessary?

There are a few reasons why child resistant containers are necessary. For one, you want to make sure you have our child resistant bottles because of their ability to prevent kids from having access to your customers' weed or medicine. Two, our uniquely styled child proof bottles are necessary to not only make it harder for children to open them, but most importantly for your cannabis packaging to be considered legally compliant. If you wish to be successful, this should be of the utmost importance for your marijuana company!

Here’s why. Even if your weed is the best in the marijuana industry it won’t matter if your cannabis packaging is illegal and you get fined, lose money, or worse. Utilize our reliable push and turn vials and ensure the safe storage and transportation of your cannabis. As weed gets more popular across the country the demand for our child proof storage containers will rise simultaneously. Don’t purposely miss on such a lucrative market, get your childproof containers today!


Where To Buy The Push and Turn Cap Wholesale

Look no further, you can buy the push and turn cap wholesale right here at Marijuana Packaging! Our childproof medicine bottles are a must-have for any startup, growing, or already successful cannabis company! We have the most reliable child proof containers for sale.

Each of our push and turn vials is difficult for a child to open based on extensive tests. Children cannot exert enough force and technique to push while turning the vials. On the other hand, our child resistant containers are very easy for an adult to open. Even seniors will find them easy to access!

Here at Marijuana Packaging, we offer customizable child proof pill bottles. That's right, our customized printing department will help you input your logo and market your brand on your child safe containers. Push & turn vials come in black or tan and have a unique look to them. We also offer fully biodegradable options, the FIRST of its kind!

Our customizable push down and turn caps come in sizes of 8, 13, 16, 20, 22, 30, 34 40, and 60 dram. That means you can store anything up to 14 grams of flower! Furthermore, the decision of which child safe container to get in bulk is totally up to your personal preference!

Push And Turn Vials - The Bottom Line

Utilizing a push down and turn cap is how you guarantee the longevity of your cannabis business. Child proof containers are growing in popularity because of their reliability and the weed community knows this.

For this reason, you have to take advantage of our incredible child proof containers for sale while these low prices still last. There is no better place to shop for reliable and stylish sealed odor proof child resistant containers.

At Marijuana Packaging, we also provide the best child proof prescription bottles in the cannabis industry. As you can see, child proof storage containers are a specialty of ours. Our child safe containers keep your weed fresh, they are discrete, reliable, and reign supreme in the cannabis packaging world. Don't be one of the only marijuana companies not utilizing a push and turn cap!

Weed smokers want the highest quality sealed odor proof child resistant container and they know our child proof containers for sale are the best out there. Since your customers are so intelligent they are going to be looking for our push down and turn bottles. This means they won’t settle for lesser quality. So do yourself a favor and don’t cheat your customers out of premium quality push down and turn bottles!

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