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Give your online smoke shop customers something to talk about. Stock up on Randy's innovative wired rolling papers, made from non-toxic materials!


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RANDY'S | 'Retail Display' 1 1/4 Size Rolling Papers | 83mm - Wired - 25 Count - 1RANDY'S | 'Retail Display' 1 1/4 Size Rolling Papers | 83mm - Wired - 25 Count - 2

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RANDY'S | Black Label Smokeware Cleaner 12oz - 1RANDY'S | Black Label Smokeware Cleaner 12oz - 2
RANDY'S Black Label Smokeware Cleaner 12oz

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Randy's Rolling Papers

There are rolling papers and then there are Randy's rolling papers. If you want basic rolling papers for your smoke shop, then Randy's joint papers are not for you. If you want premium unique joints that stand out from the rest of the pack, Randy's joint papers are perfect for your smoke shop business' needs.

Take this into consideration, not many joint papers in the marijuana industry can distinguish themselves from the others like Randy's joint papers can. Other types of brands of joint papers may look and burn differently but Randy's wired cigarette papers functionality is unparalleled. Some rolling papers may be special for their own purposes, but the reason Randy's rolling papers are so effective is because of the little wire built into them.


What Are Randy's Rolling Papers?

You may ask yourself what's so different or special about Randy's papers. Randy's wired papers are premium high-quality hemp joint papers that come with a small wire already incorporated into the joint. Randy's wired rolling papers are beneficial due to this small wire. How? It helps with an even roll and the wire is held onto when the joint gets too hot to hold. This makes joint papers with wire convenient, reliable, and unique.

Consider this about Randy's wired papers. One of the biggest pet peeves of smoking a joint is that when it gets smoked down close to the filter tip, it can potentially burn your fingers. This results in you not being able to finish the joint and putting it out. Instead of your weed consumers having to do this, Randy's rolling papers non-toxic stainless steel wire prolongs the smoking life of your customers joint. This is extremely beneficial for all weed smokers trying to get the most out of smoking their joint.


What Types Of Randy's Papers Are Available?

Here at Marijuana Packaging, we have the best selection and prices for our Randy's papers wholesale. Randy's papers are made out of hemp making them a healthier option for your health-conscious weed customers. Randy's papers wholesale prices are way too low and affordable for you to not take advantage of them.

One of the most popular options available from the Randy’s brand is their 1 ¼ wired papers.

Randy's papers are the only rolling papers in the world with a wire in them. This means Randy's wired papers are unlike any other rolling papers, making them a hot commodity to have in your legal cannabis business. Rolling papers with wire inside can be used to show your business’ versatility by having one of the rarest types of joints available in your smoke store. Joint papers with wire are not easy to find so if your head shop has them, you stand out amongst other smoke shops like a needle in a haystack. Randy's wired papers are very popular among the marijuana community so you must offer them to your customers if you want to survive in the very competitive marijuana industry.


Where To Buy Randy's Rolling Papers Wholesale

You should be able to find Randy's wired rolling papers for sale at your local smoke shop or on an online smoke shop. But if you want the best wholesale prices, you need to shop at Marijuana Packaging. Our wired rolling papers are the best in the marijuana industry. It can be tricky trying to decide which cannabis wholesale products to invest in and here at Marijuana Packaging we know that. That is why we recommend stocking your inventory with rolling papers that can blatantly differentiate themselves from other joints.

RAW papers, Juicy Jay papers, and Zig Zag Papers all have their unique qualities but none of them have a non-toxic stainless steel wire that allows smokers to enjoy their whole joint. These wired cigarette papers offer a convenience that a lot of rolling papers simply can't match. Furthermore, that is why your smoke shop, marijuana dispensary, or any other legal cannabis business needs Randy's wired rolling papers if you are going to survive or succeed.

Randy's Rolling Papers: The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you're not going to find more affordable, unique, and efficient types of rolling papers on the market. Randy's rolling papers give every head shop and smoke shop online a competitive edge over their competition because they have such a distinctive quality.

A wire that allows weed smokers to enjoy their joint until the very end and get the most out of their smoking experience is a game-changer! When customers walk into your head shop and ask for something different or unique to smoke out of, you can always use Randy's papers as your go-to product suggestion! Randy's papers are one of a kind and the weed community knows this. If you didn't know about joint papers with wire before, well now you do. Get your wired cigarette papers in bulk today!

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