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Rose Petal Pre-Rolled Cones

Rose petal cones are a unique alternative to traditional pre-rolled marijuana cones. Learn how they can help your cannabis business and where to get them.


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PETALS | 'Retail Display' Organic Rose Petal King Size Pre-Rolled Cones | 109mm - Organic Rose Paper - 24 Count - 1PETALS | 'Retail Display' Organic Rose Petal King Size Pre-Rolled Cones | 109mm - Organic Rose Paper - 24 Count - 2

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Sizes Available: 2
PETALS | Handmade Organic Rose Petal King Size Pre-Rolled Cones | 109mm - Organic Rose Paper - 2 CountPETALS | Handmade Organic Rose Petal King Size Pre-Rolled Cones | 109mm - Organic Rose Paper - 2 Count

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Rose Petal Pre Rolled Cones

Learn More About Our Rose Petal Pre Rolled Cones

Spice up your smoking experience with our amazing Rose Pre Rolled Cones, adding a touch of creativity and luxury to every session. In the competitive pre roll market, brands must find ways to stand out in order to appeal to a larger demographic. This is where our rose petal cones play a significant role.

While there are many different joint cones to choose from, like  RAW Pre Rolled Cones, Hara Supply Pre Rolled Cones, and Futurola Pre Rolled Cones, rose petal joint cones have set themselves apart as the top choice. Let's find out why.

Essentially, rose petal pre rolled cones are joint cones made using organic rose paper. These handcrafted products offer a novel and exciting take on the traditional pre rolled cones with an outstanding burn and a smooth draw. It's no wonder rose cones have gained immense popularity among consumers.

Furthermore, our rose petal joint cones are entirely natural and free of any harmful chemicals, pesticides, or dyes. Plus, unlike Flavored Pre Rolled Cones, these products don't contain any artificial flavorings. This results in a smooth, all-natural taste.

Our rose petal joint cones are predominantly available as king size cones, allowing you to pack up to one gram of herbs. These incredible products also have multiple advantages that can take your brand to the next level. Let's explore some of the most significant ones.

  • Rose joint cones provide a practical solution for consumers who may not know how to roll a joint.
  • These items can help your products stand out.
  • Our rose joint cones make an excellent gift choice for special occasions.
  • They can help position your brand as a sophisticated and premium option.

Discover Our Amazing RoL Pre Rolled Cones

We also offer RoL Pre Rolled Cones. These bad boys are more than just mere joint cones - they are an embodiment of class and sophistication. So, what sets them apart from other prominent brands, like futurola pre rolled cones?

It all lies in their craftsmanship. RoL joint cones are made using 100% ultra-thin authentic French rice papers and finished off with a beautiful brandable crutch. While they might not have the same taste as flavored pre rolled cones, these products provide a smooth, natural smoking experience.

The brand has also perfected the meticulous craft of providing pristine, seamless experiences. As a result, they offer a unique alternative to other brands on the market.

RoL cones are available in two colors: Porcelain White and Khaki Brown. The porcelain white cones are excellent for those who are drawn to classic beauty. On the other hand, the khaki brown variety are the best pre rolled cones for consumers who are all about embracing the natural world. These cones are also available in several sizes, including dog walkers, 1 1/4, 98 Special, and king size pre rolled cones.

Explore Incredible Pre Roll Packaging Products

Our extensive collection also includes a host of pre roll packaging products. These wholesale packaging items are perfect for storing your pre rolled joints and blunts, ensuring they stay in top condition. They include:

  • Joint boxes and cases
  • Pre roll tubes
  • Smell proof pre roll mylar bags

You can also turn these items into Custom Pre Roll Packaging products to make your brand stand out. From adding cool graphics and logos to smart labels and vista windows, the possibilities are endless when customizing these items.

In conclusion, rose joint cones are an innovative and unique product that can elevate your brand to new heights. Utilizing these items alongside excellent custom pre roll packaging can significantly enhance the profitability of any botanical business. So why wait? Give your customers the convenience they crave and the quality they deserve.

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