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Royal Blunts

Experience a slow, even burn with our Royal Blunts wraps. Available in a variety of delicious flavors at low wholesale prices, these wraps offer a satisfying smoking experience. Royal Blunts wraps are perfect for those who appreciate a flavorful smoke.


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ROYAL BLUNTS | 'Retail Display' XXL Hemp Wraps | 100mm - Purple Grape - 25 Count - 1ROYAL BLUNTS | 'Retail Display' XXL Hemp Wraps | 100mm - Purple Grape - 25 Count - 2

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Royal Blunts

Royal Blunts are manufactured in California. The brand specializes in producing blunt wraps, non-tobacco wraps, and other smoking accessories. With over two decades in operation, the firm has gained extensive market experience in the marijuana industry thus providing quality products to smoke shops. Given that the company invests a lot of resources to produce the Royal Blunt wraps, they have proven to be a brilliant choice for cannabis consumers.

When it comes to preference, Royal Blunts flavors are beloved. Royal Blunts have become a top choice in the marijuana industry. The importance of XXL wraps and Royal Blunt wraps to smoke shops and marijuana companies cannot be ignored. Royal Blunts and herbal wraps XXL are thicker and larger compared to other rolling papers. This allows users to smoke more marijuana in a single joint.

The size factor makes a Royal wrap more potent than alternate rolling papers since more marijuana is smoked in the process. Hence, Royal Blunt wraps flavors have become popular especially in the recreational use of cannabis. Consequently, purchasing Royal Blunt wraps flavors and XXL blunt wraps wholesale can tremendously increase the profitability of your smoke store.


What Are Royal Blunts?

Royal Blunts and XXL blunt wraps are cannabis wraps that have been made from hemp fibers. The Royal Blunt wraps, which are XXL wraps, are organic, thus offering a pure way of consuming marijuana. The Royal Blunt XXL wraps are tobacco and nicotine-free. Therefore, they eliminate the risks associated with smoking nicotine substances. Purchasing XXL blunt wraps wholesale made by Royal Blunt is the safer option for consumers compared to other brands.

These herbal wraps XXL are thick and have a rough texture. The XXL blunt wraps provide a good grip and are quite comfortable to use. The blunt Royal doesn't contain residue. Hence, the XXL wraps do not dirty the hands of the user when they are preparing the blunt. Moreover, XXL blunt wraps are easily bendable which makes the preparation process of a Royal wrap effortless.

Compared to rolling papers, the Royal XXL wraps burn evenly and more slowly. Hence, they last longer giving cannabis users value for their money. These benefits coupled with the various Royal blunt wrap flavors, make the brand a more popular choice in the cannabis community. Consequently, purchasing XXL blunt wraps wholesale can be considered a worthy investment for any smoke shop in the cannabis industry.

Royal blunt wraps are usually tested for mycotoxins and heavy metals to ensure they are fit for human use. The flavor of the Royal blunt wraps and XXL blunt wraps are also sourced naturally. Ergo, cannabis consumers can worry less about their health and wellbeing.


What Types Of Royal Blunt Wraps Are Available?

The Royal blunt is an all-inclusive brand. Hence, it has established various products to cater to the needs of every cannabis consumer. For those who prefer to use marijuana that is free from nicotine, there's a variety of products to choose from. Wet Mango, OGK, Naked, and Purple Grape are among the most popular flavors of Royal blunt wraps.

One of the benefits of purchasing Royal Blunts from our store is the availability of various Royal Blunts wrap flavors. Our Royal Blunts flavors have been organized and listed under the same category. This makes it easier for business owners to stock their smoke shop since all the items are easily and readily available on the platform. Given the ease of finding all the Royal Blunt products, they will end up saving time.

When you purchase XXL blunts and XXL herbal wraps from our store, you'll get 25 units in a single box. Every pack has two wraps that are adequately moist to facilitate seamless wrapping. The wide availability of flavors has played a key role in popularizing the Royal Blunt brand. The brick-and-mortar head shop, as well as online smoke shop, stand to benefit when they sell Royal Blunt wraps.

Where To Buy Royal Blunt Wraps Wholesale

Smoke shops are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve. Purchasing XXL wraps wholesale is a great way of guaranteeing the profitability of your cannabis business. When you're looking for the Royal Blunt for sale, ensure you buy the Royal Blunts flavors and other wholesale products from a reputable store. This will help you avoid unnecessary loss when you're looking for XXL blunt wraps and Royal Blunt wraps for sale.


Why You Should Consider Buying Royal Blunt Wraps Wholesale From Us


Our wholesale store strives to bring diversity to the marijuana industry. We are offering different products from various brands to ensure smoke shops have the liberty of choosing their preferred items. Therefore you can always be sure of getting Royal Blunts flavors and other packaging products you’re looking for.

Saves On Money

Purchasing Royal Blunts flavors from us will save your business a lot of money. This is because all our listed products are priced very reasonably. Ultimately, you'll be able to enjoy a good profit margin allowing your cannabis venture to flourish. The fair prices also allow small smoke shops to compete with larger established brands.

Market Experience

When you purchase the Royal Blunt for sale listed on our site, you'll also benefit from our vast industry experience. Apart from purchasing the Royal Blunts, you'll get incredible insight on how to utilize the items you’ve bought. Be sure to visit our online wholesale store when you want to purchase Royal wrap blunts in bulk.

Royal Blunts - The Bottom Line

All the XXL wraps and Royal blunt wraps for sale that are available on our online store are of optimum quality. Thus, you can worry less about buying substandard products when you purchase the Royal Blunts for sale and other packaging items from us. Apart from the flavored blunt wraps and the Royal Blunt wraps, you can also get blunt wraps from other notable brands such as King Palm and High Hemp wraps.

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