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Silicone Bongs

Enjoy the durability and flexibility of our silicone bongs. Available in a range of vibrant colors and sizes at affordable wholesale prices, these bongs offer a unique and fun smoking experience.


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Eyce | Straight Neck Platinum-Cure Silicone Beaker Water Pipe | 12in Tall - 14mm Bowl - Assorted - 1Eyce | Straight Neck Platinum-Cure Silicone Beaker Water Pipe | 12in Tall - 14mm Bowl - Assorted - 2

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Unbreakable | Flower Vase Silicone Water Pipe | 6in Tall - Metal Bowl - Black - 1Unbreakable | Flower Vase Silicone Water Pipe | 6in Tall - Metal Bowl - Black - 2

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Silicone Bong

The introduction of the silicone bong has been a game-changer in the marijuana industry. Although glass bongs can withstand relatively high temperatures, they tend to be more fragile. The silicone water pipe was introduced to be a solution to the shortcomings of the glass bong. As a result, the reception of the silicone water bong in the cannabis community has been phenomenal.

A good number of cannabis lovers prefer to use the silicone bong due to its ease of handling. This has led to an increased demand for silicone bongs in the marijuana industry. The silicone pipe weed is convenient to use compared to its glass counterparts. Cannabis lovers can use cheap silicone pipes in the outdoors without worrying about accidental breakages in case they drop their silicone pipe. Thus, cheap silicone bongs allow consumers to enjoy their kush in any location provided the area doesn’t prohibit the use of an indestructible bong.


What Is A Silicone Bong?

This is a type of cannabis bong that is made from silicone. The silicone compound is relatively stable. Therefore, the unbreakable bong isn't susceptible to the effects of oxidation. The unique properties of silicone have made the strong silicone bong a suitable alternative to glass bongs. Some of the loveable qualities of silicone include resistance to both high and low temperatures and its inert attributes.

The silicon bongs available in the market are made from food-grade silicone. This means that the materials used in making silicone rubber bong do not release harmful toxins when the indestructible bong is exposed to heat. Silicone bongs are very resistant to heat. Your silicone pipe weed is not likely to get damaged.

Another benefit of food-grade silicone is that it makes the strong silicone bong easy to clean. Compared to other types of bongs, removing the debris from the silicone water pipe is quite easy. This process gets even easier when you have a silicone bong that can separate into different parts. It allows you to get into the difficult spots of the strong silicone bong that are usually hard to reach. Thus, you can be sure of smoking clean kush when you use a silicone pipe. It’s a compelling reason that has made a good number of head shop owners buy silicone bongs for sale.


Are Silicone Bongs Better Than Glass Ones?

Considering the wide use of silicone bongs in the market, there has been a debate as to which equipment is better between the silicone water pipe and glass bongs. Some believe the use of silicone in cheap silicone bongs can cause health risks. However, this is further from the truth because silicone has been used in making various cookware for many years.

Benefits Of Silicone Bongs Over Glass Bongs

Easily Portable

Unlike glass bongs, the silicone pipe with metal bowl is easy to carry around especially for a person that is always on the move. Glass bongs are quite fragile and require extra care to prevent them from getting damaged. On the other hand, the indestructible bong is nearly impossible to break. Thus, the silicone water pipe can withstand being handled roughly when someone is on the road.

Inhibits The Growth Of Bacterial Life

Since the silicone rubber bong is mainly composed of the silicone compound, there is minimal chance of bacterial growth. Silicone doesn't provide a conducive environment for bacterial growth. This means your silicone bong will be safe each time you use it, giving you much healthier smoke. It also makes the process of cleaning more convenient.


Does My Head Shop Need Silicone Water Pipes?

Considering the high demand for cheap silicone bongs, every head shop ought to invest in them. Purchasing silicone water bong and other packaging items in bulk is a sure-fire way of remaining profitable in the long run. Since the cannabis industry is highly competitive, purchasing silicone water pipe wholesale can help in boosting the sales of your online smoke shop.

The silicone pipe with metal bowl is not only indestructible but is also easy to transport. This has made silicone rubber bong very beneficial to marijuana consumers especially for those who love outdoor activities. It's one of the reasons that have made many purchase the cheap silicone pipes. The high demand has prompted a good number of many smoke shops to increase their inventory of silicone bongs for sale.

The unbreakable bong has become very indispensable in the cannabis community. The silicone bong offers variety to kush lovers. Thus, buying bulk silicone water bong plays a key role in adding diversity to your online head shop. It's a step that would attract more customers to your marijuana business to purchase unbreakable bong and other items.

Thriving in the cannabis industry requires business owners to go above and beyond. Getting repeat customers can sometimes be challenging. However, a good way of guaranteeing success is building a strong reputation for your smoke shop. When you have a wide variety of silicone pipe with metal bowel in your smoke store, you’ll be able to build a solid reputation of selling an unbreakable bong. This will ultimately help make your cannabis venture more profitable. Hence, buying silicone bongs for sale can be deemed a worthy investment.


Where To Buy Silicone Bongs Wholesale

The relaxation of cannabis laws in some states has made many people venture into smoke shops. Thus, the medical and recreational use of cannabis has become a lot easier. The increase of wholesale companies has also caused silicone bongs to be more accessible to many head shops. New entrants are now looking for silicone pipe with metal bowl online to give their business much-needed traction. Nevertheless, ensure you purchase the silicone bongs for sale from a reputable store to get value for your money. Marijuana Packaging is the best place to buy silicone bongs.

Our store has a wide variety of the unbreakable bong to meet the needs of marijuana companies. Apart from the low prices, you will also get a variety of quality items. Besides the silicone water bong, you can also find other bong types including the acrylic bong, glass bongs, and the girly silicone bong. Our online store is a one-stop-shop for all your wholesale products and packaging needs.

Silicone Bong - The Bottom Line

Additionally, we have a vast knowledge of the silicone pipe and the entire marijuana industry. From compliance packaging to cannabis laws, you can rest assured that you're dealing with a professional wholesale store. Thus, you can count on getting valuable industry insight when you purchase silicone water bong in bulk from our store. Be sure to visit our site when you're looking for silicone bongs for sale.

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