Silo Vape Battery with USB Charger

500mAh - Rose - 510 Thread

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Taking the CCELL battery to its most ergonomic conclusion, the CCELL Silo Battery Kit combines outstanding CCELL performance with a sleek design that’s as sexy as it is discreet.

Despite its convenient size, this portable vape still offers an impressive 500mAh, giving you the long-lasting power you need to vape care free. On a full charge, you’re looking at a full week of reliable use when vaping at an average frequency. And as for potency? The CCELL Silo has been shown to produce up to 25% more vapor volume when compared to the other guys.

When it’s running low, it can easily be recharged thanks to a built-in micro-USB port.

The CCELL Silo acts as a buttonless vaporizer with hands-free inhale activation. It also features the inconspicuous stealthy breathing LED indicator that’s a hallmark of all quality CCELL products.

Loading a new CCELL cartridge into the CCELL Silo is beyond intuitive since it still employs the use of a strong, secure magnetic connector with built-in 510 threading.

Packing stellar performance in an astoundingly small 63mm x 18mm x 28.8mm luxurious pink aluminum alloy body, the CCELL Silo is at the leading edge of handheld vaporizer technology.

CCELL Silo vaporizer is the "grip on the ultimate sensation," as the company stated, and that truly isn't an exaggeration. The Silo 510 battery is a state-of-the-art vape that offers aesthetic allure with its pink aluminum and efficiency for cannabis consumers.

The CCELL vapes have grown in popularity since more cannabis brands have recently introduced vaporizer lineups. Though vaporing is nothing new to the industry, its evolution from stationary to handheld has transformed how cannabis is consumed today. The silo battery aims towards elevating the vaping experience with an ergonomic and sleek device that can easily slip into a pocket.

Silo 510 battery delivers a consistency that's hard to find with other types of vaporizers— the outstanding 500mAh. CCELL Silo battery provides long-lasting power, unlike your average vape. Silo batteries can last as long as a whole week under average consumption when fully charged.

CCELL Silo is ultimately the battery for a trusted experience with each pull. What's even better about the Silo from CCELL is that it pulls with more than 25% vapor than other brands out there.

Not only are you getting a longer-lasting battery that emphasizes the benefits of vaping, but there's an increased potency with each pull. Can it get any better than that?

The tech aspects of the Silo vape genuinely distinguish this device from others on the market. For one, the no-button silo battery vape makes it easier to hit. The breath-activated function includes an LED indicator to let you know that it's functioning as you pull.

Silo CCELL 510 batteries are magnetically connected, so any 510 thread cartridge can easily attach to the device whenever you're ready to take a pull.

The palm-size CCELL Silo focuses on vaping oil rather than flower, but there is a selection of vape batteries in Marijuana Packaging's collection. However, oil distillates for CCELL Silo devices aim to provide the whole experience that vaping enthusiasts are looking for. Better and discrete pulls to deliver the pure flavor of your distillates of choice.

How To Use CCELL Silo Battery

If you're looking for a portable, compact and discrete cannabis experience, then it might be time to buy CCELL Silo Battery for your accessories collection. As many people transition into smoother and seemingly less harmful methods of consuming cannabis, operators are leaping into the market with oil distillates.

And while there are many disposable vapes on the market, it's proven to be more cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, and consistent to purchase your type of vape, and CCELL batteries have come out on top year after year.

The Silo from CCELL is unique for not just its sleek and stylish look but the amount of power it produces. All you need to do is fit your cartridge into the magnetic 510 thread to lock it in.

The breath-activated pen means that each Silo CCELL Battery relies on buttonless technology. So, each time you want to take a toke breath, it's as simple as taking a pull from your pen and putting it back into your pocket.

Once the battery dies, charge up with the built-in micro USB port, which should allow for another week's worth of battery life.

Where To Buy CCELL Silo Battery?

No matter what you're trying to hunt down for your smoke shop or dispensary, look no further than Marijuana Packaging. We're a leading online distributor for packaging and accessories for wholesale purchases with an excellent array of options for everything from pre-rolled cones to water pipes and dab rigs. So if you're looking for a stationary vaporizer or a sexy rose Silo by CCELL, you can rest assured that you're able to find it in Marijuana Packaging catalog.

The pink aluminum alloy body makes the Silo Battery an incredibly fashionable choice, especially since it doesn't have the clunkiness of other vaporizers. And Silo by CCELL's powerful battery offers a more prolonged use than the majority of its competitors as well.

The beautiful thing about shopping with Marijuana Packaging is that we have high-quality vaporizers, but we also provide a Price-Beat Guarantee. Additionally, we're also capable of offering customization for businesses, given that the order meets the minimum quantity. Our team of in-house designers can also whip up a logo.

CCELL Silo batteries have gained an incredible reputation over the years, and it's clear why. There's a powerful battery fueling up each pull and a sleek design so you can be discrete.

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Customer Reviews

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Simple and strong

I have issues with dropping things so I wanted something that would protect the cart when dropped. But I also waned auto draw function. This has both and still manages to be stylish.

Nicole Taylor
Best device I've used so far!

I was worried about how it would be to switch from smoking flower to using vape oil. Man was this the perfect solution! It's easy to use, my carts don't clog or leak. I love it