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Looking to venture into the realm of sales but worried about inventory control or shipping? Our Drop Ship Program is the answer! Drop shipping is attractive to small businesses, but drop shipping with is especially attractive for the following reasons:

1. Generous pricing margins. Price competition is an enormous concern for small businesses. addresses this issue in two ways—we offer a generous margin between your drop ship price and the retail price, and we ensure that the margin does not shrink because of price competition.

2. Professional and efficient customer service. There can be some challenges involved with the drop shipping business. Your affiliation with will relieve any apprehension you might have when facing these challenges. takes care of your customers and guarantees that you have the necessary information to inform your customers of exactly where their package is at that moment. We ship most orders within one business day.

3. Transparent communication to your customers. Our company places your contact information, including your logo, on the orders that are shipped to your customers so that they will never know you are using a drop shipper. Your customers will receive their merchandise from our warehouse under the name of “Fulfillment Center”.

4. Price competition does NOT exist between you and We do NOT undercut our partners on price. The only exception is the occasional promotional sales we run, but even those are temporary.

5. Content and graphics are available to you. Although does not allow you to use the copy directly from their site, we do provide a content package that makes it easy to incorporate our products into your choice of advertisement.

6. Customer protection. We will not solicit business from your customers if you utilize us to drop ship.

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The Drop Ship Program offers a lucrative way for a small business to appear as a big business with no risk. Drop shipping with offers even more, and we hope you will choose to do business with us for years to come.