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Fantastic Purchase

It hits really nice and battery lasts a long time. 5 stars for sure!


Comes in a lot of sizes and convient

Glass turtle bowl

It was a gift....but was so adorable. I was very happy with my purchase !

This thing is rad

11 out of 10 this thing is rad. All my friends were jealous when I pulled this bad boy out.

Amazing product

Bought one from work and loved it til I broke it. We didn't get anymore in but found the identical one on this page and 3 for tje price of 1 so the decision was easy. I will be a repeat customer for sure.

I love these

There easy to cut down if your not rolling Hooters and they taste alot better then some of the others I have had


I searched everywhere for something like this and these are exactly what i needed! You get soo many for such a low price i couldn`t pass it up anyways! I love the fact they are child resistant & they`re also the perfect size to take your prerolls with you everywhere! So excited to give these out!

Insane deal!

I knew i was getting a lot but my brain didn't comprehend how many it really was! The box is super cute and very efficient to ensure i don`t drop the cones everywhere! The amount of cones i got for the price was amazing! Excited to use them for my wedding and even more excited to see how long they last us!!

things a beast

Good glass fairly easy to clean works best with tear drop style carb cap

This stuff works

seems to be citrus based, much better than Formula 420 on oil rigs.


Love this piece! It hits so nice and made well 10/10


Love this piece! It hits so nice and made well 10/10

Great piece!

Love this piece! It hits so nice and made well 10/10


Love this piece! It hits so nice and made well 10/10

Swivel wood pipe

This is not only my favorite pipe of these it may be one of my all time favorites! Carry it anywhere loaded and ready. Smokes cool and consistently. Great pipe!


This product not only lasts a very long time if stored properly during use and for long time keeping. The spring/summer humidity is no longer attacking my bud.

Great toy to have

I was surprised that the pipe was made of thick glass. So many are thin glass and break easy. I like the double chamber it's a smoother hit. It was worth the 15 00 although the shipping cost sucks. I paid thirty for it due to shipping costs. What a rip off


Love this blunt wrap. Have been searching high and low for the right wrap. Wish I could upload my video review. Rolls good, seals good, burns evenly. If you tend to talk a lot while holding the blunt, it will put its self out. Classic grape flavor, strong, but not overpowering. (You can smell these thru an unopened pouch) NO weird after taste. The resealing pouch is amazing. I have a pack that's been open a week and they are still fresh and pliable. Will be ordering more!!! (Blunt rolling machine and weed purchased separately)

New addition to our menu

Once we added these to our menu the customers reacted with multiple purchases. ledlloyd420

extra papers. in order.

thank you for adding other pack of papers.


My product took a lil while to get here but it’s a great bong and nothing was broke