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Love this Swivel Lid Magnetic Spoon!!

Very fast shipping...I couldn't believe the quality of this pipe! I have seen these pipes selling for triple the money on other sites! I love it! It's got a nice weight to it. The case is really nice and handy too! You can fit a Bic lighter in it with the pipe. I will definitely be buying more products from this company in the future!
Thank you Marajuana Packaging for a great deal!

Wish there was three as shown in pic

I love mine it was very fast shipping the only thing I would say , is it worth the money but wish it was all three instead of one and if only one wish the customer could at least pick it out I got the one with sugar skull and I not into those type of skull that the only disappointment about the whole thing

Worth the Buy

I love this bubbler, one of my faces so far!

Awesome company, high quality products
Will be buying from them again.

Awesome piece

I love this battery. The preheat function is awesome and it hits like champ. Great product, great purchase.

cute as can be

love this little pipe very nice to hold, look at and use. great hits it does tend to burn hot and will go thru cartridges quickly, but that's the price for monster hits

Great high! 🤗🤗🤗

Me and my wife just smoked one of these! My first blunt to roll honestly. It was simple and great to smoke

So Good

Love this Raw rolling paper but its so rare to find. Hope you all get some soon.


A little wobbly. Great delivery time. Packaged well. Would order from these guys again.

Definitely a deal

This place has a lot of pretty cool stuff to pick from and for a bargain! I might just stop cleaning pipes and start buying new ones...?they also have great customer service

Great Quality

I was surprised how thick this tray is. It's a great size and not a flimsy piece of plastic. I purchased both the large and small sizes. The large is a little too large for my liking but they are both really great quality. Like most rolling trays you could find several uses for them other than the intended purpose too. The open corner made for pouring is a great feature too!

Great Quality

I was surprised how thick this tray is. It's a great size and not a flimsy piece of plastic.

Beautiful piece of art

I got so pleased when I saw it and try It! It looks really cool and stylish! Definitely I gotta get another one for my best friend!

Satisfactory result with this machine. Perhaps should have gone larger.

Easy Butter single stick machine works well; I ran it thru twice. Next time I'll do it three times, making it more potent. I spread it on toast, had a pleasant enough flavor. Mix it with peanut butter and you'd never detect the bud in it. I will try making cookies and see what the heat doe t the potency. Perhaps frosting, on popcorn with Parmesan cheese, or similar uses will be fun.

Was really good

The battery hits amazing!!
Small and compact.

great buy

everything was just fine. fast shipping items in great shape..will order again

Fire !

These are the best blunt wraps ever ! They burn so smooth and slow ! They have an AMAZING TASTE. If you like flavored blunt wraps, these are the ones for you !

Great service and product

Easy fast and great pipe

hand pipe

nice pipe. thick glass . nice feel. to b continued