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love 🖤

I love my new bong! it’s just the 11inch but it’s so perfect. the slider was broken when it got to me but once I told them they literally had a brand new out to me that day and I got it so quick!! I would recommend these guys over and over. they have quality items and their customer service is exceptional!

Rae, disposable

These things are nice , easy to fill. Helpful tip for diyers do not fill all the way up . Leave just a bit of space. I'm very pleased with shipping and price, I'm back to order more right now.

As described

Fast shipping. Price was great. It’s everything they said it was. And just what I was looking for. Thank you.

Not Too Shabby

Nice little bong, just wish the bowl was 2 different pieces instead of one long piece. You need to completely remove it to clear the hit. Also I was expecting a blue one and ended up receiving a pink one.


Arrived quickly & expertly packaged. It’s sturdy & lovely functional art.. Ergonomic, we’ll balanced & not too heavy, which is important for someone without the use of two hands. Highly recommend.

Glass pipe

Old school flower smoker nice pipe nice size I use it.

My New Favorite Bubbler

If you can look past the strange creepy eye, then this is an amazing bubbler! It’s easy to clean and provides a smooth pull.

10 Outta 10

Prices are so affordable I bought 5 diff bongs on this site. This is the bong everyone goes to. So damn simple to use, clean, get huge hits, small hits, so easy to empty the water. We puff outside mostly, so just a hard core spray thru w/the garden hose & this bong is spotless again. Only down side is the bowl stem is hard to find exact sizing and can get a bit pricey as our stoned asses keep breaking/dropping it. 😵‍💫


I am beyond happy with this purchase. This thing is perfect desk size and my new gaming buddy!

Colorful Bowl

Mine came in purple/pink. Such good and colorful bowl!!


This bowl is my go to!! The coolest bowl that they got

Other reviews are terrible

I ordered this then read the reviews… it gave me anxiety, the old man vape works great! It’s NOT too weak, it doesn’t stop working… it doesn’t have issues charging… I want to argue with these half Witt’s! “It’s a weak pull” maybe compared to your boyfriend but it works just fine! I’ve used about 10 gs of carts on mine before I had to charge it once!

Great Grinder for the price

Great Grinder for the price

One of the Ol’ Reliables

I’ve had this battery for many years and despite all the use and abuse continues to run strong giving me full cycle hits that leave me more stoned than the pyramids

Great Service

Great prices, quick turnaround, what more can I say

Good size, quick, easy, child-resistant

Good size boxes, easy to fill and label, nice to order on a pinch, friendly and helpful customer support team!

Love it and it’s durable

I bought two at once ( and then another two)
But in my tray my first two kept bonking around and getting the brute end of it.
Both pipes held up great and in the end the only thing that broke this one was it falling out of my pocket. Pray for our fallen comrade


I was hoping for the skull bong but got sent a different one.

Best utensil ever!

Very impressed with the quality and ease of cleaning. I really don’t see myself owning another style. Love it!

Smooth operator

Great piece, the particular makes it almost like you have to check if it's working....but it is!

Nice pipe

It's a nice little pipe. I save it for special occasions.

Good but not the same design

The amber colored bong does not have the cool leaf pattern on it as pictured but rather a swirly paisley design. So while it works just fine I am still sad that I did not receive the design I chose and paid for.

Great quality and super big

Great quality and super big. Will last you a really long time.