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This item was perfect for what i need as a natter of fact im about to order another 200


This was absolutely perfect. It arrived on time and all ready charged. It was so cool. Made the perfect father's day gift.

Great product

Wonderful taste and they are always fresh and smooth to roll


I enjoy these hemp wraps it’s always hard to find them in stores. When I found this place I was like 🔥. I don’t have to drive around anymore. I mean gas is crazy. Luv it thanks guys for your business.


These cones are now my favorite ones to use. They’re totally awesome 😎

Only one of the two I ordered works.

I LOVE the one that works, but I ordered two and the one doesn’t work at all. I’ve tried charging longer, nothing. I wrote the company and had no replies, so a little bummed.

Perfect Joint Companion

I have never enjoyed using a roach clip to get those last few hits. These are perfect for getting every last bit. They’re also great for guys with beards & mustaches so you don’t singe yourself.

Pre-rolled Cones

Was pleased with the ordering and shopping process. Order was received in excellent condition. The Zig zag cones are top notch and user friendly. Will purchase again.

Bowl is awesome. Small but works great. Another great product from you guys. Thanks

Great product and price

Great hits, solid design. Difficult to use with ice.

Best bong I've used so far. Very smooth. Ice needs to be crushed into small pieces if you want to be able to use it, hole is pretty small. Good and simple design makes it easy to clean.

Shipping was fast. Product was awesome

Everything you'll ever need

Never buy a dry spoon pipe ever again. This is where it's at homies. Stop wasting time with pipes & bongs, get this small hammer bubbler instead trust. It's all you need to smoke flower, I even added hot peach & ginger tea to get smooth hits. Works like a dream. Buy a small rig for dabs, buy a vape for a quick low-key house sesh, but this is peak traditional flower consumption in my own opinion & everything you'll need.

This is the ticket

Love this thing, the art is sublime.

Nice but not what I anticipated

Okay this isn't what I was expecting, the product I received wasn't the one I saw in the picture. Regardless it was still nice, and the bowl is deep. Almost a 5, deserves more than a 3. 4 star quality.

The price is white.

These are money.
Sleek looking and smooth grinding

Raw rolling papers

I'm very happy with these rolling papers and very happy I could by 24 packs instead of just one definitely will be buying more in the future well when I run out