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The OG Kush Terpene Blend by Abstrax stands as a testimony to the rich lineage of the cannabis world. Even though its ancestral lines remain an intriguing enigma, the likelihood is that OG Kush has played a foundational role in crafting some of your beloved strains. Delve deep into a symphony of earth, spice, and pine, harmoniously intertwined with delicate floral whispers and invigorating lemon zest. The allure of the true OG is an experience that beckons every connoisseur.

  • Mood Orientation: Relaxed, Peaceful
  • Plant Structure: Hybrid
  • Flavor and Aroma: Earthy, Floral
Dominant Terpenes Cultivar Origins
d-Limonene Cannatonic

Storage Recommendations: To ensure the sublime essence of the OG Kush Terpene Blend remains unadulterated, we fervently suggest keeping Premium Strain Profiles intact until they're set for deployment. Once unsealed, it's paramount to nestle them in a cool, shadowed refrigerator at temperatures not surpassing 36F. This care protocol is instrumental in preserving the fragile aroma of terpenes. Analogous to the treasured bud jar, perennial exposure to the elements can potentially attenuate the terpene essence. To witness the blend's optimal aromatic journey, utilize within a trimester of its receipt.

Handling Instructions: Embarking upon the OG journey mandates meticulousness. Always wear gloves and protective eyewear. Ensure usage in adequately ventilated zones and keep this blend out of children's ambit. Avert any immediate interactions with the skin, ocular region, wooden surfaces, and textiles.

Usage: This concoction boasts a sophisticated matrix of high-concentration, food-grade terpenes and flavors, crafted with a manufacturer-centric approach. Prior to dilution, it's imperative to abstain from its ingestion, inhalation, or tactile contact.

Disclaimers: The legal tapestry governing terpene blends and flavor additives is multifaceted and varies from state to state. While a blend might find acceptance in one state, it could be non-compliant in another. Should doubts cloud your judgment, seek clarity from a sales representative through a voice call or our instant chat facility. With regulatory paradigms being dynamic, always remain aligned with your local jurisdiction's standards.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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