ABSTRAX TECH | Super Lemon Haze Premium Strain Profiles Terpene Blend


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In the vast orchestra of terpenes, the Super Lemon Haze blend stands out as a virtuoso, orchestrating an ensemble of zesty lemon highlights, complemented by underlying sweet melodies. True to its name, the blend brings forward a symphony of lemon notes, enriched with a deep, earthy base, providing a tantalizing sensory experience that dances between the invigorating and the profound.

  • Mood Orientation: Energized, Inspired
  • Plant Structure: Sativa
  • Flavor and Aroma: Pine, Citrus
Dominant Terpenes Cultivar Origins
Terpinolene Cannatonic

Storage Recommendations: The aromatic profile of the Super Lemon Haze Terpene Blend, like a finely aged wine, demands preservation. Before embarking on its vibrant journey, it is wise to keep the Premium Strain Profiles unopened. Upon its unveiling, it's of paramount importance to nestle them in the embrace of a chilled, dark refrigerator, set below 36F. The enchanting aroma of terpenes, delicate and ethereal, can be compromised if not treasured rightly. Much like an ephemeral flower exposed to the elements, frequent encounters with air and light can lead to a diminishing of its essence. For a performance at its peak, immerse in its allure within the first three months of arrival.

Handling Instructions: Interaction with the Super Lemon Haze blend, while an experience to cherish, comes with its set of cautions. Prior to its indulgence, equip yourself with gloves and safeguarding eyewear. Bask in its presence within well-aerated spaces, and ensure its sanctum is beyond the curious grasp of children. Exercise diligence to prevent its communion with skin, eyes, and delicate surfaces, treasuring its essence.

Usage: Concealed within this blend is a concentrated ensemble of premium terpenes and flavors, meticulously curated for the connoisseurs of manufacturing. Before venturing into its dilution, refrain from its direct consumption, inhalation, or contact with pristine skin.

Disclaimers: The tapestry of regulations governing terpene blends and flavor additives is intricate and diverse, differing with the terrain. While embraced in one state, it may find barriers in another. If shrouded in uncertainty, we extend an invitation for dialogue, either through voice or our real-time chat feature. As regulations are ever-evolving entities, consistent alignment with regional mandates is essential.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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