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Embarking on a journey with Abstrax's Tropic Thunder Terpene Blend is reminiscent of summoning the spirit of a tempestuous Maori deity. As the tumultuous power engulfs, it offers an audacious blend that's as commanding as the fiercest tempest, yet grounded in its tropical and woody essence. Allow the evening to transform into an intimate rendezvous with intensity as you indulge in Tropic Thunder's unique character.

  • Mood Orientation: Energized, Peaceful
  • Plant Structure: Hybrid
  • Flavor and Aroma: Tropical, Woody
Dominant Terpenes Cultivar Origins
beta-Myrcene Cannatonic

Storage Recommendations: Respecting the essence of Tropic Thunder entails honoring its storage rituals. We implore enthusiasts to resist the allure of its unopened Premium Strain Profiles until the anticipated occasion arises. When the seal is broken, the blend seeks solace in the chilled embrace of a dark refrigerator, ideally set below 36F. Such meticulous care ensures that the intricate bouquet of terpenes remains unblemished. Just as a jar of rare blossoms wilts under relentless exposure to the elements, so too does the blend's potency diminish if not shielded from light and air. To truly savor the zenith of its aromatic depths, indulge within a three-month window from acquisition.

Handling Instructions: As you prepare to embrace the essence of Tropic Thunder, approach with a mix of anticipation and reverence. Adorning oneself with gloves and protective eyewear forms the first ritual, ensuring a respectful communion with its potent nature. Revel in the symphony of its aromatics in expansive, well-ventilated spaces, and assure its sanctity by keeping it beyond the reach of the young. Direct encounters with skin, eyes, and vulnerable surfaces should be evaded to preserve its unadulterated charm.

Usage: Tropic Thunder is a masterclass in terpene artistry, with a blend boasting of concentrated food-grade terpenes and flavors tailored for the discerning manufacturer. It's paramount to understand its potency; hence, direct consumption, inhalation, or skin contact prior to dilution is discouraged.

Disclaimers: The intricate dance of regulations surrounding terpene blends and flavor additives is a continuously evolving tapestry, varying in nuances from one state to the next. When in doubt, our team stands ready to assist—reach out via voice call or our instant chat feature. With regulations in a perpetual state of flux, aligning with the edicts of one's specific region remains a cornerstone of responsible use.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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