Alice Tea Party Rolling Tray - 13.25" x 10.75"

Product code: 23642
The 13.25” x 10.75” Alice Tea Party Rolling Tray offers an economical step up from using your kitchen counter as a joint rolling station. You no longer have to stress about losing valuable herb under the couch thanks to the curved edge creating a protective border around this tray. The smooth surface helps you to efficiently round up stray granules. This sturdy rolling tray features a detailed painting of Alice and the full Wonderland gang finding inspiration in da Vinci’s The Last Supper as a template. The cheeky phrase “Rollin’ Down the Rabbit Hole” further sets the tone of this extra special tea party. This rolling tray’s generous size allows you to roll enough for your very own Wonderland posse.
  • Size: 13.25" x 10.75" inches
  • Material: Metal
  • Rounded corners
  • Alice tea party design

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