Assorted Color Scorch Torch 5.5"

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The Scorch Torch 5.5” adjustable flame butane hand torch puts you in control of extreme heat with the utmost safety. This top-quality butane torch can produce a flame up to a temperature of 2500°F (1300°C) making it ideal for cooking, lighting cigars, welding or even as a conveniently sized dab torch. The heat is fully adjustable using the gas flow control dial built into the side of the Scorch Torch. A flame lock feature, simple piezo ignition, and comfortable, yet steady grip make this the best dab torch for adequately heating dab nails. Safety is paramount when working with such intense heat so this hand held torch comes equipped with safety on/off features. NOTE: Scorch Torch colors are chosen at random.
  • Length: 5.5" inches
  • Up to 2730 degrees
  • Butane power
  • Scorch torch