Painted Design Smoking Stone Joint Holder

Assorted - 1.5in Diameter

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These Assorted smoking stones are designed to hold your medication on one end and take puff from the other end. No more wet paper from lips and no more burning your fingers. These smoking stones are perfect for those who do not enjoy rolling papers. Choose from a variety of different designs sure to suit the different personalities of anyone.

Considering how smokers risk burning their fingers while holding the tail end of their cigarettes, purchasing a joint holder can be an excellent way to avert these injuries. For this reason, legal dispensaries and smoking shops should work to provide clients with these nifty tools. Stocking up on smoke stones can also go a long way in helping your store attract more customers and distinguish your brand within its niche. You can find a variety of joint stone designs in our store that are sure to appeal to numerous clients.

What Are Smoking Stone Joint Holders?

Essentially, a roach stone is a flat, smooth stone with a hole on either end in which you can stick your cigarette or joint. These tools help make it possible for tokers to smoke their products down to the roach. A typical smoking stone features a widened hole on one side to hold the joint or cigarette and a smaller gap on the other side to smoke through.

The smoke stones sold in our store have a smooth design to fit perfectly in hands and mouths. What's more, their structures help optimize airflow and prevent foreign objects from blocking the holes. Thanks to this ingenuity, smokers can wave goodbye to all the downsides of smoking roaches, including burnt fingers and lips, soggy joints, and stinky fingers.

How To Use A Smoking Stone

While some people may enjoy rolling their cigarettes and joints instead of using weed pipes, there's no denying that trying to smoke all of it can be a pain. No one wants to burn their fingers and lips or end up with smelly fingers after smoking. Fortunately, getting a smoking stone can solve this problem.

What's more, using these innovative tools is easy. A toke stone usually has two holes, a large one and a smaller one. To use it, firmly fix your joint or cigarette on the bigger opening. It's vital to ensure that the joint fits perfectly on the hole for optimum airflow. After that, you can proceed to light up your medication and inhale the smoke from the opposite side of the blunt roach holder.

Does My Business Need Toke Stones?

For avid smokers, getting a joint holder should be a priority. These gems can be indispensable tools and can help them reduce product wastage. Hence, it is crucial for retailers specializing in smoking accessories to stock up on joint stones.

Retail entrepreneurs can immensely benefit from adding a joint holder collection to their catalog. Cannabis consumers appreciate the availability of these tools since having a joint holder for smoking can be a game-changer for tokers of all kinds. Moreover, apart from personal use, they can also make great gifts for people who enjoy smoking.

Where To Find Joint Holders In Bulk

The smoke stones available on our online wholesale store come in various colors and designs that appeal to a wide range of customers. You can expect high-quality cannabis products and excellent customer service when shopping in our store. Furthermore, all our products, including the smoking stone joint holder, have been reasonably priced. This gives every business in the sector an opportunity of enjoying good profit margins.

What's more, these tools also have a diameter of 1.5 inches, making them portable and easy to hold. They are also durable, thanks to their tough exterior. For this reason, purchasing these joint stones in bulk is a step in the right direction for your retail outlet.

The Bottom Line

Acquiring a smoke stone for joint toking is the best alternative for people who are not fond of chillums. Not only can a toke stone help smokers avoid burning their hands and lips, but they also allow consumers to utilize all their products. Therefore, retailers should source joint holder stones in bulk from a reputable wholesale store to improve sales and increase their customer base.

  • Length: 1.5" inch
  • Material: Stone
  • Style: Smoking stones
  • Type: Novelty pipe
  • Color: Assorted


Note: Each order of this item includes one stone only.

This product is intended for tobacco use only.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Kim Sollman
Love them

Ordered 2 love them both, they showed up quickly.

Rich Hertter
Just what I was after.

Perfect stocking stuffer for the herbal lovers.
Works just as I remember from my youth. No burned fingers when passing a joint among friends.

Jeffrey Chiara
Smoking stones

Love these stones but wish they were a little more sleek their a little chunky would be more attractive if slimed down a little

Nikki Oclair

Exactly what I was looking for!! Order came alot sooner than anticipated. Will be ordering from here again.

Michele Dougall
Skull Stone

Excellent quality, bought it for a Christmas present he’s gonna love it !! Fast delivery to !!!

Laura Fama
Nice Stone

Everything I expected it to be. Bought this as a second to the stone I already have. Ironically I received the same pattern that I already owned for years and years; the Rolling Stones lips. I’m a bit bummed on that part. Maybe I’ll order another???

70's Dejau Vu

I am a 65 year old vet . Back in the 70's I had several . Lost em over the yes. My face is smiling 😃

Lana Medrano
Too small of a hole

The stone was not the design I ordered. A lips 👄 on my stone 🤦🏻‍♀️ And the hole to small to hold a joint .

Dawn Doyle
Smoking stone

I loved the stone. However, had I known it was only one piece I would have purchased another style that offered more than one piece.

Elizabeth Painter

IT IS great product