AVD Clear Flat Press-On Tip for Plastic Vape Cartridges - 100 Count

Product code: 44336

$0.25 per unit

$25.50 per case

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Compatible with Cartridge Bodies: 44344, 44343, 44334, & 44333

Add a sleek touch to your vape pen with these tapered, press-on tips, designed for use with AVD plastic cartridges. Nothing says “smooth” as much as a translucent tip with a flathead mouthpiece. The tapered, durable plastic makes for a comfortable vape mouthpiece that’s easy on the lips. Enjoy a more clean-cut aesthetic with your state-of-the-art AVD plastic carts by adding an AVD cartridge tip to your wax pen.  

  • $0.25 per unit  
  • 100 units per order  
  • Tapered tip cap