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AVD Plastic Cartridge w/ 1MM Aperture - 0.5ML - 100 Count

Product code: 44344



The AVD Plastic Cartridge 0.5ml is the ideal vape cartridge for low viscosity CBD and THC oils.  With AVD’s innovative ceramic core, your heating coil is entirely encased, ensuring your precious oil flavors are appropriately preserved and vaporized. Engineered to avoid overheating and burning, it is no wonder these cartridges are a favorite among dispensaries, with dispensaries offering their customers a pure vaping experience.  

The open-top fill design makes it easy for busy dispensaries to fill their cartridges at great speed—all the while, the cartridges are compatible with most vape cartridge filling machines.  In an industry where time is money, these high-grade and non-toxic vape cartridges have the best to offer to true cannabis enthusiasts.  

  • Size: 0.5ml 
  • Aperture: 1mm 
  • Universal 510 threading  
  • 100 Units per order 
  • Resin cartridge 
  • Balanced oil to air ratio
  • Free of pesticides, lead, toxins and glycol 
  • All Sales Are Final