Concentrate Shatter Envelopes

2.25in x 3.5in - Black - 500 Count

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Concentrate shatter envelopes are ideal for storing medicated butane hash oil, and other variations of concentrates post extraction. When used with parchment paper, these envelopes can assist in keeping wax concentrate from getting damaged or contaminated before commercial use.

Dabbing concentrate is an extremely popular way to get your cannabis fix! The concentrate is extracted and (as the name gives away) concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes. Due to the strength of concentrate, it’s often sold in small amounts.

Shatter is a specific kind of concentrate that is typically more brittle than other concentrates. Shatter is hard and translucent, which gives it the appearance of glass. Like any cannabis product, shatter (and all concentrates) deserve unique packaging that protects the integrity of the concentrate.

Enter black concentrate shatter envelopes! These envelopes are 2.25 inches in width x 3.5 inches in height, which is the perfect size for the concentrate packaging. Simply place the shatter or concentrate of your choosing onto parchment paper, and then slip it into one of the shatter envelopes!

Benefits of Packaging in Concentrate Shatter Envelopes

While there are several options to package your concentrate in, shatter envelopes are a great choice!

Quality black concentrate envelopes are vital to ensuring that the body and fragrance of dabs, wax, shatter, etc., are intact. Each concentrate type has a specific structure and unique features, and stiff concentrate envelopes help protect the concentrate products. As you can gather from the name, shatter is breakable and requires packaging to protect it. While thin, shatter envelopes are strong to secure your concentrate! This shatter packaging will keep your product undamaged and maintain all fragrance and taste you look for in concentrate!

Another benefit is how cost-effective concentrate shatter envelopes are. You are looking for high-caliber concentrate packaging to save you money as a business. At Marijuana Packaging, we offer these great envelopes in cases of 500. We deliver orders in bulk because the vast majority of the time, the cost per unit is cheaper, and the shatter envelopes are no exception. This allows your business to offer shatter packaged in these envelopes at a lower retail price because you keep costs down when purchasing from us!

The thin design will look amazing on your shelves and in your customers’ hands! The aesthetic of shatter envelopes is also a bonus; the design is slim and discreet. Displaying the black envelopes is sure to draw in customers that love private cannabis packaging. It is also lightweight for customers that need on-the-go packaging.

Customization on Concentrate Shatter Envelopes

Speaking of aesthetics… the black shatter envelopes make excellent backdrops for your custom brand! Black allows for versatile customization; it will pop and be eye-catching if you have a colorful logo. If your logo is more neutral, it will look streamlined and classy on the black envelope.

Custom shatter envelopes are the perfect way to elevate your business and get your logo out. If you make any kind of concentrate, having packaging that your business can customize with your brand will build and elevate your business. We have talented designers that will facilitate the perfect look for your concentrate shatter envelopes, and we cannot wait for you to experience this fantastic packaging!

  • 500 units per order
  • Size: 2.25" x 3.5"
  • Color: Black
  • Cost effective
  • Usage: Concentrate Packaging

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