Black Plastic Tamper Evident CR Jar 30 Dram – 54mm - 600 Count

Product code: EBTECR30-BJ

$0.29 per unit

$174.00 per case

Price Beat


These black 30 dram plastic jars are compatible with tamper-evident, child-resistant caps. They are opaque black which blocks light and potentially harmful uv rays. These jars also feature an airtight seal to keep odors and moisture from leaking out.  Perfect for storing medical or recreational marijuana buds. These black jars are a premium presentation to make your product stand out in crowded display cases. 

  • $0.36 per unit
  • 600 units per case
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: White
  • Mouth diameter: 47mm
  • Base diameter: 58.4mm
  • Height without lid: 61mm