Brown Kraft Paper Bag - 250 Count

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“Discrete and inconspicuous” with a level of sophistication; these Kraft Paper Bags offer the privacy and style your customers desire. These Kraft bags feature twisted paper handles, making it easy to carry a plethora of cannabis products, while also ensuring it withstands a reasonable amount of weight. The square bottom makes it easy to pack all of your clients’ items in an organized manner without having to deal with unpleasant, misshapen bag shapes. There’s no better way to protect your customer’s privacy in style than with these Kraft paper bags. 

While you’re at it, take a look at Marijuana Packaging’s custom packaging services. There is no better way to increase brand awareness by having one of our talented designers create a truly unique, eye-catching design for you to feature on your Kraft bags. Already have a logo? No worries, we can easily print your logo onto any flat surface of your choice. Whether you decide to print on anything from caps to vape cartridges and batteries, it’s these small details that will distinguish your dispensary or smoke shop from the crowd.  

  • Size: 8X4.5X4.75X10.25