California Tamper Evident Prop 65 Label - 4.1" x 1" - 1,000 Count

Product code: TELCAP6541

$0.08 per unit

$80.00 per case

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Shoot two birds with one stone with these Prop 65, tamper-evident warming labels. As a dispensary or head shop, you have the responsibility to apply warning labels onto products that contain chemicals that are known to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm—roughly over 900 chemicals listed with the State of California. These warning labels make specific mention of “Marijuana Smoke,” and feature the universal California warning symbol.  

Each sticker is emblazoned with the specific graphic required for California cannabis packaging state compliance in 2019. Color and size requirements are all carefully met by these stickers as ordained by the California state government. Don’t rely on guesswork when it comes to California state marijuana packaging. These reliable stickers will cover you for Proposition 65 labeling requirements and keep your packaging tamper evident. 

  • Size: 4.1" x 1" 
  • $0.08 per unit 
  • 1,000 units per roll 
  • Tamper evident warning label 
  • California compliant