Capsule Filling Machine - Size 0

Product code: 22068

Price Beat


The Capsule Machine is your ultra-efficient solution to capsule production, filling 24 pill capsules in less than 2 minutes. Anyone who’s actually tried to manually fill a pill capsule recognizes that it’s an excruciatingly tedious experience. The Capsule Machine bypasses that time and effort, saving you up to 75% in costs in the process! Not only can you customize your capsules’ additives but you can quality control to ensure you’re only ingesting the rawest and freshest organic ingredients available. The Capsule Machine also offers you a way around binders and excipients so you always know what you’re putting in your body. To make the process even easier, a tamping tool is included with your Capsule Machine. NOTE: This particular model is designed to fill and eject size “0” pills specifically.

  • Size: 0
  • Custom mix ingredients
  • Use fresh raw ingredients
  • Auto join / eject
  • Includes tamping tool