Capsule Filling Machine - Size 00

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The Capsule Machine deftly fills and ejects up to 24 pill capsules in under 2 minutes; an efficiency that will save you up to 75% in costs not to mention time and effort. You don’t have the time to painstakingly fill gel capsules by hand but you want the control of hand-selecting your own ingredients. The Capsule Machine solves both issues, allowing you to choose only the healthiest ingredients while bypassing additives such as binders and excipients. Custom pick the additives that go into your gel capsules and have the whole job finished in under 2 minutes. The Capsule Machine even includes a free tamping tool to make the process even easier. NOTE: This particular model is designed to fill and eject size “00” pills specifically.
  • Size: 00
  • Custom mix ingredients
  • Use fresh raw ingredients
  • Auto join / eject
  • Includes tamping tool