CBDFX Hemp Vape Juice 60mg 10ml

Product code: CBDFXHA60

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The CBD Vape Oil Additive – 60mg from CBDfx mixes easily with your favorite e-juice with the included dropper. With this vape additive, you get the convenience of using your favorite vape gear while gaining the ability to dose CBD. CBDfx’s vape additive is cGMP certified and made in the USA. Being 100% organically grown cannabidiol and being rich in Omega-3 fatty acids is also a plus that you’re sure to enjoy.

Because our CBD Vape Oil Additive – 60mg is a highly unique product that can enhance your everyday vaping experience, it can be added to any e-liquid to provide you with a boost of CBD as you vape throughout the day. It comes in a glass dropper bottle for easy, mess-free pouring. Its herbal flavor profile is extremely subtle, allowing it to complement a wide variety of e-liquid flavors.

This Vape Oil Additive is specially designed to work with sub-ohm vaping devices. It can be directly added to your vape device’s tank. This allows you to control the amount of CBD that you vape throughout the day. The 60mg concentration ensures that a little goes a long way. If you’re unsure of how you’ll react to it, you can simply add one drop to a small amount of e-liquid and work your way up until you find your sweet spot.