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CCELL | Silo 510 Thread Vape Battery with USB Charger | 500mAh - Silver - 1 Count


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Taking the CCELL battery to its most ergonomic conclusion, the CCELL Silo Battery Kit combines outstanding CCELL performance with a sleek design that’s as sexy as it is discreet.

Despite its convenient size, this portable vape still offers an impressive 500mAh, giving you the long-lasting power you need to vape care free. On a full charge, you’re looking at a full week of reliable use when vaping at an average frequency. And as for potency? The CCELL Silo has been shown to produce up to 25% more vapor volume when compared to the other guys.

When it’s running low, it can easily be recharged thanks to a built-in micro-USB port.

The CCELL Silo acts as a buttonless vaporizer with hands-free inhale activation. It also features the inconspicuous stealthy breathing LED indicator that’s a hallmark of all quality CCELL products.

Loading a new CCELL cartridge into the CCELL Silo is beyond intuitive since it still employs the use of a strong, secure magnetic connector with built-in 510 threading.

Packing stellar performance in an astoundingly small 63mm x 18mm x 28.8mm modern silver aluminum alloy body, the CCELL Silo is at the leading edge of handheld vaporizer technology.

Vape batteries are the core of any vape. Without a Silo battery to heat the coils and melt the concentrates, all that's left is unmelted concentrates inside the mouthpiece. And the best battery is the CCELL Silo battery – an industry leader and consumer favorite.

The CCELL Silo vape battery features an easy-to-use draw-activated battery. The cartridges, made out of glass and ceramic, help to keep the vapor flavor pure and the wickless design enables it to vaporize pure or thin oils.

The Silo CCELL battery powers the heating coils to melt the cannabis, wax, or oil into vapor; a vaporizer cannot function without this component. The CCELL Silo battery has a comfortable curve-shape that fits the hand comfortably and is perfectly portable.

Having CCELL batteries in stock at your vape shop will increase foot traffic because every vape consumer needs to eventually replace their CCELL Silo battery.

CCELL makes the sleekest, most functional, and refillable cartridges on the market. CCELL offers a range of sizes, apertures, and mouthpieces to customize your line of CBD or THC Silo battery vape to perfection. CCELL also makes a line of modern, ergonomic, highly-acclaimed vape wholesale batteries that consumers love.

What Is A CCELL Silo Battery?

A CCELL Silo battery has been designed specifically for cannabis oils. CCELL ceramic technology is a patented method of distributing and absorbing heat evenly. CCELL vapes offer more flavor and larger vapor volume.

The Silo by CCELL ceramic heating components with tiny holes facilitates a more efficient method for heating oil. This feature makes the CCELL battery more effective compared to other generic vaporizers.

The Silo from CCELL is effective, and most vape shops prefer to buy the CCELL Silo battery. Unlike the traditional use of cannabis, thus battery eliminates grinding and packing.

The CCELL Silo battery is one of the most popular batteries for vape cartridges across dispensaries due to its revolutionary engineering. CCELL's cutting-edge ceramic heated technology ensures superior performance and many deem it to have the best flavor out of any battery on the market. The CCELL Silo comes in a sleek and minimalist design that is durable and easily portable, making it a great choice for those on the go. In addition, the CCELL Silo has a long-lasting battery life, so you can enjoy your favorite cartridge for hours on end. With its superior performance and affordable price point, it's no wonder the CCELL Silo is one of the most popular batteries for vape cartridges across dispensaries.

Instead of a cotton wick to absorb and transport THC oil, the CCELL cartridge battery uses ceramic. This ceramic is effective in producing rich vapor from cannabis oil. The ceramic can withstand higher temperatures and absorb a lot of THC oil without becoming saturated.

And its 500 mAh capacity gives users a prolonged smoking experience without needing frequent recharging – most vape consumers use a CCELL 510 for an entire week before recharging. The CCELL Silo and the Palm both accept 510 CCELL carts.

Does My Business Need CCELL Vape Batteries?

The vape cartridge battery is a must-have for all vape shops. Having a selection of vaporizer batteries can set you up for success in the vape industry.

CCELL's unique design offers high-temperature sintering, which permits heap nanoscale aperture openings that provide some of the smoothest vapor you'll ever taste. This technology is one of the many reasons people come back to CCELL products – they make smoking an excellent, flavorful, mellow, and otherwise incredible experience.

Where To Buy The CCell Silo Vape Battery Wholesale

Our online wholesale store specializes in selling premier rechargeable vape batteries in bulk. You can always be confident about getting the best CCELL battery. Our affordable pricing enables newer entrants to the cannabis industry to compete with established vaporizer stores. Be sure to visit our site for the best CCELL battery.

CCELL is a brand in high demand. While CCELL batteries and carts may be back-ordered on other sites, we will deliver the products quickly, safely, and with the utmost care. If you are local to the Los Angeles area, place a will-call order and pick up your CCELL products in person.

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