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The cigarette one hitter is a smoking device that has gained massive popularity in recent years. While there are numerous smoking items in the cannabis industry, chillums provide many with the best alternative to consume cannabis.

Chillums have been around for many years, predominantly used in Eastern Europe and Asia to smoke herbs, but are now seen everywhere worldwide. These weed pipes have made a comeback and are becoming incredibly trendy, following the widespread acceptance and legalization of cannabis in many countries.

What Is a Cigarette Pipe?

A chillum is a conical or straight pipe with an end-to-end channel. A notable difference with chillums is they have no carb hole. This is why they are also called the one hitter pipe. There are numerous designs of chillums in the market, a good example being the cigarette one hitter.

Many cannabis consumers like to use chillum pipes because they are easy to control cannabis dosage. Since a cigarette one hitter handles small quantities of cannabis at a time, they are the go-to devices for people who want to conserve their weed. Furthermore, gauging the immediate effects of the cannabis dosage is relatively simple.

Not everyone likes the taste of filters and some may not even have time to roll a cigarette. We have the perfect solution for that our metal Cigarette pipe is perfect for those who are always on the go. The cigarette pipe is 3" inches long, which is the actual size of a cigarette. The pipe is carefully carefully crafted with metal to ensure a quick and easy way to pack and smoke your bud medication in a discreet manner with your one hitter.

How To Use A Chillum Pipe?

A cigarette pipe provides a much simpler way to consume cannabis than other smoking accessories like bongs or dab rigs. Before you begin to use it, you'll need a grinder, an ashtray, a chillum, and a lighter.

How To Use The Cigarette Pipe

  • Grinding: The first step involves grinding the cannabis buds to a fine form, making the weed burn evenly and consistently.
  • Packing The next step is loading the cannabis in the one hitter cigarette pipe. When putting the weed in the chillum, it's advisable not to overload or pack it down too tightly. For this reason, a pinch or two of marijuana is an ideal amount for the cigarette weed pipe.
  • Puff: The next step is lighting the herb and gently inhaling it from the mouthpiece. It's worth noting that chillums provide the best results when placed at a 45-degree angle. It's also advisable to inhale small puffs to avoid getting ash into your mouth.
  • Emptying: Once the contents of the bowl are burnt to ashes, empty the content into an ashtray.

Advantages of Cigarette Pipes

There are numerous benefits of using a cigarette pipe and other chillums. Apart from their ease of use and aesthetic appeal, here are compelling reasons why you should stock up on chillums in your smoke shop.

  • Cigarette One Hitters are Discreet: Although chillums have been part of the smoking community for centuries, many people still can't discern what they are when they see one. Moreover, given how small one hitter metal pipe can be, you can carry it around without people immediately recognizing what it is.
  • Cigarette Pipes are Easy to Pack and Clean: Unlike bongs and dab rigs, you can quickly pack your herb into a one hitter cigarette pipe and puff away with minimal fuss. What's more, chillums are also incredibly easy to clean. After use, you can cleanse your chillum using a bit of alcohol and a cue tip.
  • Cigarette One Hitters Are Inexpensive: Another great advantage of chillums is their price. You can get a cigarette one hitter at an affordable price from our store in bulk. This is one instance where the price of a product does not affect its quality. It allows you to attract clients who may not have too much to splurge.

You can find an excellent cigarette one hitter in bulk at our online store. This chillum is perfect for people who wish to smoke discreetly on the go. The metal cigarette is three inches long and painted orange and white to resemble a usual cigarette.

The chillum is made from metal, which provides durability and longevity. Hence, it allows your customers to enjoy the product for longer. Not to mention, the cigarette pipe is very lightweight, making it the perfect smoking accessory for smokers who are constantly on the move.

Where To Buy Cigarette Chillum Hand Pipe In Bulk

You can find an excellent selection of cigarette weed pipe in bulk right here at Marijuana Packaging. Apart from providing exceptional smoking pipes, here are some other reasons why you should get a metal smoking pipe from our wholesale store.

  • Unbeatable Prices: Essentially, one of the most significant benefits of getting metal cigarette wholesale from our store is that you stand a chance to save a substantial amount of money. You can rest assured to get unbeatable prices when you purchase at our store to help improve your bottom line.
  • Low Minimum Order Quantities: Low minimum order requirements are another significant reason to purchase cigarette weed pipes from our store. When acquiring cigarette one hitter at our store, you don't need to go above and beyond on your orders since we have low minimum order quantities.

Metal cigarette pipes have been part and parcel of the smoking community for quite some time now. For this reason, smoke shop owners should stock up on these items from a reputable wholesaler. Check out our store to find a selection of excellent cigarette one hitter that your clients will appreciate.

  • Length: 3" inches
  • Material: Metal
  • Style: Cigarette
  • Type: Novelty pipe
  • Color: White / Amber


This product is intended for tobacco use only.

INTERNATIONAL: Due to the strict enforcement of shipping regulations, it is not currently permissible to ship this item to addresses outside of the United States.

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Bob Price

What I was expecting

Sue Thompson

Works perfectly fine! We are very happy with the purchase.

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Exactly what I was expecting

Perfect one hitter for the road

So, I got this as a private hitter when I’m walking around. Great size, easy to light. I took a small segment of a pipe cleaner to keep from swallowing the hit if I take too heavy of an draw. It also helps to clean out the ash after you’re done.


It fits the purpose, but has no screen.

Avis Hall
As expected

Works great

Diane Vitali
Stocking stuffers

They are gifts for friends, but I do know they will like them!

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The Cheapest Way to Get High!

This is the best value for marijuana aficionados on an extreme budget. :-)

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Great Product!

Great price and great product! I just ordered more!

Durable and simple

Totally worth the price