Child-Resistant 5 Slot Plastic Joint Box - 250 Count

Product code: TBCR5

$2.50 per unit

$625.00 per case

Currently, we DO NOT ship to Canada.

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Whether you’re a pre-rolled cone filler or a joint hand-roller, this child-resistant Joint Box features five king-size chambers to store your joints. This sleek, unsuspecting pre-roll packaging is the perfect travel companion, being small enough to fit into your pocket or purse, and durable enough to preserve all your pre-rolled joints. The smooth, black finish is also perfect for adding customized logos to increase brand awareness and to stand out from the crowd. This joint box offers a better and smarter way to carry your pre-rolls wherever you go.  

Roll in style when you customize your pre-roll joint packaging with Marijuana Packaging’s customization servicesThere is no better way to increase brand awareness by having one of our talented designers create a truly unique, eye-catching design for you to feature on your joint boxes. Already have a logo? No worries, we can easily print your logo onto any flat surface of your choice. Whether you decide to print on anything from caps to vape cartridges and batteries, it’s these small details that will distinguish your dispensary or smoke shop from the crowd.

  • 250 units per box
  • $2.50 per unit
  • Fits 5 pre-rolled joints
  • Color: Black