Child Resistant Cap for Glass Pre-Roll Tubes w/ 12.1mm Neck – Black – 400 Count

Product code: GTCRC-BCAP

As Low As $0.06 per unit

$22.68 per case

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These Black Ribbed Child Resistant Caps will not only safeguard all your pre-rolled joints’ freshness, but they will also cap off your Glass Pre-Roll Tubes with a clean finish. The push-and-turn cap design will keep your product out of the hands of young ones while also ensuring ease in retrieval for adult users.   

  • $0.07 per unit
  • 400 units per order 
  • Cap Outside Diameter: 23mm
  • Cap Inner Diameter w/ Liner: 16.6mm
  • Cap Inner Diameter w/o Liner: 21.0mm
  • Cap Height: 18.1mm
  • Modern presentation 

Compatible with the following doob tubes: