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Child Resistant | Pinch N Slide 2.0 Black Mylar Exit Bags | 5in x 8.5in - 14g - 250 Count

Product code: CRPNS12-BK-V2

As Low As $0.22 per unit

$55.00 per case

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New and improved, our patented Pinch ‘N’ Slides now features a perforated laser-lined tear notch for easier tearing, silicone press pads for a gentler feel on the fingertips when pinching bags open, and extra mylar material above the zip seal closure to allow for heat-seal, child-resistant compliance goodness.

These glossy black Pinch ‘N’ Slide mylar bags present dispensary exit packaging in its sleekest form.

Enjoy this innovation of child resistant packaging that continues to meet strict state compliance guidelines across the board while looking gorgeous. A favorite among dispensaries and head shops, these onyx exit bags are not only child resistant, but they’re also made from light resistant, airtight mylar – perfect for the storage and transportation of cannabis products. Set your dispensary apart from the rest with this stylish and sophisticated answer to state compliant dispensary packaging. 

  • $0.74 per unit 
  • 250 units per box 
  • Dimensions: 5" x 8.5"
  • Fits 14 grams 
  • Color: Black 
  • ASTM D3475 Approved Packaging 
  • CPSC Tested and Certified 
  • Great for flower, edibles, pre-rolls, syringes, glass tubes, glass vials, cartridges & more

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