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Child Resistant | Pinch N Slide 2.0 White Mylar Exit Bags | 12in x 9in - 56g - 250 Count

Product code: CRPNS-V2

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$183.75 per case

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New and improved, our patented Pinch ‘N’ Slides now features a perforated laser-lined tear notch for easier tearing, silicone press pads for a gentler feel on the fingertips when pinching bags open, and extra mylar material above the zip seal closure to allow for heat-seal, child-resistant compliance goodness.

The Pinch N Slide Bag™ is the perfect ASTM and CPSC tested and certified child proof exit bag for your dispensary needs. This bag was designed with dual zipper mechanisms to ensure your dry herb, edibles, and concentrated products can be safely packaged and carry out of the store with zero smell and child resistant compliant with the most stringent state laws.The bag has been updated from it's previous model with a new bottom gusset, adding more depth and capacity to the bag overall once fully sealed.

All Pinch N Slide ASTM Child Resistant Bags are Patented

This bag was tested to the child resistant criteria set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as recorded in the code of Federal Regulations found in 16 C.F.R. Part 1700.20. Certification for this product can be found here: Pinch N Slide Bag Certificate Page

Note For Colorado Dispensaries: This large 12" x 9" exit pouch was designed and manufactured to meet the requirements as set forth by the Colorado Revised Statutes pursuant to C.R.S. 12-43.4-101. This child resistant bag is engineered to meet the classification standards of child-resistant packaging as set forth by ASTM D3475-14.

Usage Instructional Video:

Product Features:

  • $0.80 per unit
  • 250 units per order
  • ASTM D3475 Approved Packaging
  • CPSC Tested and Certified
  • Dimensions: 12" x 9"
  • Gusset: 2.75"
  • Size: Large
  • Smell Proof Double Zipper
  • Light Resistant Design
  • Color: Opaque White
  • Patented

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