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Child Resistant & Sustainable | 100% Biodegradable Clear Pop Top Bottles | 30dr - 7g - 150 Count


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We are so excited to add child resistant bioplastic pop top containers to our biodegradable packaging collection! Our new biodegradable vials are the first of their kind to be introduced to the marijuana market. They have several advantages that will give your business a competitive edge by meeting environmental compliances and appealing to consumers seeking out sustainable products.

Our clear containers are fully biodegradable and made from an in-house bio blend that is just as durable as any traditional plastic product. Not only that, but these are also airtight, moisture resistant, and odor-proof to ensure all your cannabis products retain their freshness until they are either inhaled or consumed.

The squeeze and pop lid closure on these vials has been ASTM certified for child resistance, meeting federal mandates for child-proof packaging. Additionally, our custom bio blended resin, used to create these containers during the injection molding process, have undergone testing to scientifically prove their ability to hit a 95% biodegradation threshold within 241 days of disposal.

These clear biodegradable plastic containers come are sized at 30 dram, which means they are capable of holding seven grams of flower. Exact measurements are approximately 48.2mm wide and 68.6mm tall. Our 7-gram clear biodegradable vials are offered by the case and each order will include 150 units. We offer three tiers of cases, meaning the more you buy, the cheaper each case will be.

Our clear biodegradable pop top vials are an exciting new sustainable product on track to significantly reduce the cannabis industries' carbon footprint. We are confident that they will help reduce plastic waste in the environment, as well as increase brand recognition, sales revenue, and attract eco-minded consumers to your business!

Product Certification: DOCUMENT

  • 100% Fully Biodegradable
  • Size: 30 Dram
  • Bottle Diameter: 48.2mm
  • Bottle Height: 68.6mm
  • Color: Transparent White
  • Capacity: 7 Gram
  • Count: 150/Case
  • ASTM Approved
  • CPSC Child Resistant Certified

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