Clear Child Resistant Pre Roll Tube 98mm - 850 Count

Product code: CCRCT98

$0.16 per unit

$140.00 per case

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Designed for individual distribution of pre rolls, the Clear Child Resistant Pre Roll Tube provides a secure, presentable, and portable container for joints of varying sizes.

Featuring a white, plastic, push-and-turn style cap, this doob tube allows easy access for adults while putting up a safeguard for children; an important foundation of state compliance.

Comprised of rugged plastic, the joint tube offers easy transport from the dispensary. It also locks in odor for full discretion.

Clear plastic allows curious customers to get a glimpse of your product, making this an ideal pre roll tube for businesses that are proud of their product.

  • Size: 98mm
  • $0.16 per unit
  • 850 units per box
  • Color: Clear
  • Fetature: Conical Bottom
  • Top Inner Diameter: 16.5mm