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CONES + SUPPLY | 1 1/4 Size Pre-Rolled Organic Hemp Cones | 84mm - Hemp Paper - 900 Count


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Explore the unique attributes of this product and find your perfect match! Whether you're a connoisseur or just starting your smoke shop journey, each feature has been thoughtfully crafted to suit your individual preferences.

Delve into the specifications to ensure that your selection aligns flawlessly with your desires and needs. With a wide range of options available, we're confident you'll find something to elevate your experience.


Cones + Supply


1 1/4 Size (84mm)


Hemp Paper







child resistance



Pre-roll producers and aficionados, your attention please! Cones + Supply is proud to unveil their Hemp Paper 1 1/4 Size Pre-Rolled Cones. Not your average cones, these are meticulously designed to take your cannabis experience to a whole new level.

These pre-rolled cones are all about convenience and quality. No longer will you struggle with the tedious task of rolling your own joints. These cones are easy to fill, providing a hassle-free solution that saves you precious time.

Health conscious? You'll appreciate that these cones are made of hemp, a natural and healthier alternative. A breath of fresh air, quite literally!

  • Easy to fill - Say goodbye to the hassle of rolling!
  • Made of hemp - A healthy alternative to traditional materials!
  • Compatible with various packaging products - These cones fit perfectly with pre-roll tubes, joint boxes, and more!
  • Wholesale prices - Affordable rates for your business needs!
  • Ideal for half a gram - Perfectly sized to accommodate half a gram of your finest cannabis flower!
  • Suitable for any brand - An excellent choice for all pre-roll brands looking to elevate their offerings!
  • 26mm filter tip length - Providing a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience!

And there's more. These cones come at wholesale prices, which makes them a cost-effective solution for your business.

But let's talk compatibility. These hemp paper cones are designed to work seamlessly with a range of packaging products, such as pre-roll tubes and joint boxes. This versatility ensures they can easily fit into your existing operations.

Each cone is perfectly sized to hold half a gram of cannabis flower. And with a filter tip length of 26mm, you can expect a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience every time.

Cones + Supply's Hemp Paper 1 1/4 Size Pre-Rolled Cones could be just what you've been waiting for.

This product is intended for tobacco use only.

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