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Everything you require is included in the Weezy Rose Gold Basic Starter Kit! Have no idea what a Weezy is? It is a portable, easy-to-use smoking device that makes use of reusable Jack-Pod capsules. It's simpler than it seems: Put as many therapeutic herbs in capsules as you can manage, unscrew the Weezy, insert a capsule, ignite the lighter while holding the lighter in place, and inhale. You can use the Weezy with an activated carbon filter because you respect your health.

Your capsule, is it empty? Pick up a brand-new capsule from this starter set, put it in, and take a sip. The Jack-Pods (capsules) are refillable, and you can fill 10 Jack-Pods at once by using the appropriate FILL-iT equipment (which includes 10 additional Jack-Pods). Each capsule contains between 0.2g and 0.3g of therapeutic herbs. Every hit tastes incredibly delicious and wonderful as a result!

The last part of the kit, a box of 25 CTIP fillers, cleans each puff of harsh chemicals. So why persist? Use the Weezy Rose Gold Basic Starter Kit to smoke responsibly and safely!

  • (WEEZY) Length: 102.5mm
  • (WEEZY) Max Diameter: 15.7mm
  • (WEEZY) Minimum Diameter: 7mm
  • (WEEZY) Color: Rose Gold
  • (FILL-IT) Length: 77mm
  • (FILL-IT) Width: 32mm
  • (FILL-IT) Height: 17.6mm
  • (Jack Pod) Height: 12.6mm
  • (Jack Pod) Diameter: 12.3mm
  • (Jack Pod) Capacity: Approximately 0.2 Grams
  • (Stash Box) Length: 78mm
  • (Stash Box) Width: 32.9mm
  • (Stash Box) Height: 16.5mm
  • (CTIP) Length: 26mm
  • Includes: 1x The Weezy , 1x FILL-IT 10 Tool , 1x Bag with 25 CTIP’s

Cancer and Reproduction Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nice little pipe!

Definitely a convenient and neat way to to carry some weed. Takes some practice t not get TOO big of a hit. Yeah my lungs can't take big bong rips either. Seems to cool the smoke abit. Not sure the filter is worth it, may try it without it. The pods a re thin and easily bent so handle with care. I'd take a 1/2 point of for the pods if I could. But overall, a good and not easily breakable pipe.

Michael Passarelli
Nice starter set!

Perfect for traveling!

Ellen Barber
Cool Tool!

This is a great way to get a nice, deep hit without rolling. The pods allow you to pre-fill a bunch of them ahead of time (we typically get 4-5 deep hits from one pod) for multiple partakers. I've even re-used the disposable pods a couple of times. This was a cool kit for traveling or tucking in your pocket for a just-in-case.