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With the Weezy Complete Starter Kit, you can get everything you need! Have no idea what a Weezy is? It uses reusable Jack-Pod capsules and is a lightweight, user-friendly, and incredibly high-quality smoking device. It's easier than it appears: As many medicinal herbs as you can manage are placed in capsules, the Weezy is unscrewed, a capsule is inserted, the lighter is lit while holding the lighter in place, and the user inhales. Because you value your health, you can use the Weezy with an activated carbon filter.

The capsule is it empty? Take a fresh capsule from this starter kit, insert it, and enjoy! The Jack-Pods (capsules) are refillable, and using the proper FILL-iT tool (which comes with 10 more Jack-Pods) allows you to fill 10 Jack-Pods at once. Between 0.2g and 0.3g of medicinal herbs are contained in each capsule. As a result, every hit tastes absolutely tasty and lovely!

The Weezy can also be kept by users with the help of the supplied travel tube, which offers airtight security for the mobile traveler. Additionally, the full set includes a bag containing 100 Jack-Pods! A package of 25 CTIP fillers, the kit's final component, removes harsh chemicals from each puff. Why then wait? Utilize the Weezy Complete Starter Kit to safely and sensibly smoke!

  • (WEEZY) Length: 102.5mm
  • (WEEZY) Max Diameter: 15.7mm
  • (WEEZY) Minimum Diameter: 7mm
  • (WEEZY) Color: Black
  • (FILL-IT) Length: 77mm
  • (FILL-IT) Width: 32mm
  • (FILL-IT) Height: 17.6mm
  • (Jack Pod) Height: 12.6mm
  • (Jack Pod) Diameter: 12.3mm
  • (Jack Pod) Capacity: Approximately 0.2 Grams
  • (Stash Box) Length: 78mm
  • (Stash Box) Width: 32.9mm
  • (Stash Box) Height: 16.5mm
  • (Stash Tube) Height: 60.7mm
  • (Stash Tube) Diameter: 16mm
  • (Stash Tube) Fits: 4x Jack-Pods
  • (Stash Tube) Color: Black
  • (CTIP) Length: 26mm
  • Includes: 1x The Weezy , 1x FILL-IT 10 Tool , 1x Stash Tube , Bag with 25 CTIP’s , 1x Jack-Pod 100pcs

Cancer and Reproduction Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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