Looking for a fully customizable Chinese red envelope? Our custom red envelope is perfect for storing cannabis concentrates and makes an excellent promotional item for your business. Get a free quote today and see how easy and affordable it is to get started. Our team of experienced designers will work with you to create a unique design that reflects your brand identity. With our state-of-the-art printing technology, you can be sure that your red envelopes will look amazing and stand out from the crowd. Order today and see the difference our quality products and exceptional service can make for your business.

Material: Paper

Feature: Recyclable

Shape: Customizable

Function: Wax, shatter, and pressed rosin packaging

Type: Customizable Envelope

 Red envelopes for shatter are a cost-efficient and eco-friendly packaging solution for concentrates. For businesses with wax, shatter, and pressed rosin on their lineup, it's necessary to have adequate packaging. Envelopes are multipurpose and easy on the pockets, which ultimately helps keep costs.

Personalized Chinese red envelopes are growing in popularity in the cannabis industry. In the past few years, the surge in concentrate paralleled the growing number of cannabis companies popping up. That's why more and more businesses are trying to find packaging for shatter that stands out.

What Are Custom Red Envelopes?

Designer red envelopes are a sure way to make your company's line of concentrates stand out on dispensary shelves. Red envelopes, generally, provide a discreet way to store concentrates. Custom red envelopes are a simple and practical approach to keeping wax, shatter, and rosin in a secure environment where they won't face exposure to light, which can negatively impact your shatter.

The reason why we stress the need for custom printed red envelopes is that the cannabis industry is more competitive now than it's ever been. With more and more companies emerging, some operating in multiple states, it's necessary to make sure customers recognize your products. With printed red envelopes, you'll be able to have your logo emblazoned on the front.

Why Does My Business Need Custom Red Envelopes?

As mentioned above, the cannabis industry is becoming increasingly competitive, so your business needs to stand out. While you can find an assortment of custom packaging for dabs, simplicity can often help push your brand to the top. Solid product and familiar branding on designer red envelopes can allow customers to identify your products at any dispensary where it's available.

Another serious perk of using designer red envelopes is that they're perfect for promotional products. It's no secret that the costs of maintaining a dispensary are high, but one way to reduce costs and prices is by using customized shatter envelopes. Some brands keep personalized Chinese red envelopes on deck to distribute promotional products like shatter. Regular customers have more incentive to return, knowing that the business they frequent might hook them up every time to time. With custom printed red envelopes, you'll remind loyal customers of their favorite brand on the market.

Where Do I Order Custom Red Envelopes?

If you're looking for a one-stop-shop to find everything your dispensary or cannabis business needs -- including custom red envelopes --, then look no further than Marijuana Packaging. We're the leading wholesaler of dispensary packaging and cannabis supplies with an unmatched inventory. We have it all, whether you're looking for hinged cases or customized shatter envelopes.

One of the perks of shopping with Marijuana Packaging is that we can customize any order. With that said, it's a straightforward process to make your own red envelopes. Our team of in-house designers have worked with some of the most successful brands and knows the keys to make your branding pop. If you need a logo, we can create one for you while also providing low minimum order quantities that we turn around quickly to ensure that your business has everything they need to operate smoothly.

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