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Custom parchment paper is an elegant and seamless way to establish a singular branded identity. Adding your logo, or combining art with your logo, creates a custom printed parchment paper that attracts customers.

High-quality custom non-stick paper for dabs is key to keeping your customers happy as they handle your concentrates. Take that opportunity to reinforce your corporate identity with branded wax paper.

Non-stick custom wax paper allows you to make your mark and is also integral to the success and efficiency of cannabis concentrate manufacturing. Custom printed wax paper makes handling, shaping, and packaging concentrates easier. Concentrates are as sticky as they sound. Coated custom concentrate parchment paper is here to save the day.

Paper for concentrates reduces waste during manufacturing and your customers at home while simultaneously promoting your brand. Any time concentration is stuck to an employee's gloves or your processing equipment, profit is lost. Cannabis concentrates are expensive to source, make, and purchase. Our custom parchment paper for dabs keeps this waste to a minimum and helps to keep your profits intact.

Parchment paper is primarily used in the cannabis industry for concentrates and edibles -- typically for rosin parchment paper or rosin press use, wrapping shatter, or handling sticky concentrates/edibles. Some manufacturers or dispensaries will wrap a gram of wax in a small piece of parchment paper before putting it in an airtight jar, helping to reduce wax sticking to the container and getting wasted.

With one bulk order of printed parchment paper, you can be stocked with stylish, designer, non-stick customizable parchment paper, making custom concentrate packaging more accessible and efficient.

What Is Parchment Paper?

Our custom parchment paper can be bleached, or unbleached paper coated in a thin layer of silicone or Teflon. Our custom-made printed parchment paper is the perfect dab paper for resin parchment paper, rosin press parchment paper, and shatter wrapping. It's also practical for wrapping small amounts of wax, crumble, and other concentrates.

However, our best-printed wax paper for rosin pressing isn't always the best-personalized wax paper for live resin or other BHOs, so we offer multiple types of parchment paper design.

Despite some superficial similarities, here's an important distinction between our printed wax paper and published parchment paper. Pre-cut into squares, parchment paper is coated in Teflon or silicone and is heat safe (typically up to ~ 420°F). Traditionally sold by the roll, wax paper design is not heat-safe – the wax coating melts or burns.

Wax paper isn't recommended for dabs or other concentrates. Because it sticks to the concentrate, even just wrapping your dabs for distribution is an inefficient use of our personalized wax paper. Our custom parchment paper is the best option for dabs.

We offer unbleached light brown, bleached white, or clear parchment paper sheets. Each variety makes excellent oil dabbing sheets and is perfect for handling or wrapping sticky cannabis concentrates. No matter which you choose, the custom printing on wax paper will make your product stand out.

What Types of Parchment Sheets Are There?

Except for the 3x3 unrefined RAW parchment paper sheets, all our non-stick parchment paper comes in 4x4 squares. Different parchment paper coatings are best suited for different kinds of dabs.

We carry two kinds of non-stick parchment paper for concentrates: silicone parchment paper and Teflon parchment paper. Silicone-coated paper is best for the rosin press.

Rosin and live rosin are derived through solventless extraction, while resin and live resin are BHO extracts. Silicone is incompatible with butane-derived extracts – butane hash oil (BHO). Putting resin or live resin dabs on parchment paper coated in silicone isn't recommended.

Silicone rosin parchment paper is best for pressing rosin. Teflon-coated parchment paper is best for resin – we recommend a PFTE Teflon-coated bulk parchment paper order.

An additional benefit of solventless extracts is the lower cost. Silicone-coated parchment paper is less expensive than Teflon-coated paper.

What Is Custom Parchment Paper?

Custom parchment paper is a type of packaging tailored to a particular company and the products it sells – like wax paper with a logo. There are many ways to achieve this. In addition to the design aspects of the packaging item, branded parchment paper allows companies to customize their products with unique logos, specific marketing campaigns, and designer artwork.

The advantages of using custom parchment paper are almost boundless. Our design team is excellent at making your products stand out from the rest. Using printed custom parchment paper instead of standard packaging makes it easier to connect with your customers.

Usually, designing custom parchment paper requires a considerable investment of time, money, and expertise. The design team at Marijuana Packaging can fast-track all your company's branding needs using our personalized custom parchment paper services.

What Kind of Custom Parchment Paper Design Can I Get?

You can get various custom parchment paper designs from our wholesale store, including parchment paper with a logo. Although custom wax paper design varies, we can partner you with an expert designer who can help create compelling branding for your product.

We also offer many customization options for most of our products – pre-roll tubes, jars, and custom shatter envelopes.

Where Can I Buy Custom Parchment Paper?

Thanks to our eclectic collection of parchment paper for dabs, buying custom parchment paper has never been more accessible or affordable. We carry both Teflon and silicone-coated paper (i.e., parchment paper for BHO and non-BHO extracts).

Teflon paper is the best parchment paper for shatter packaging (shatter is a popular BHO extract formed into a rigid candy-like sheet). The best parchment for rosin pressing is our silicone paper. Parchment paper is commonly used for rosin press. And, because rosin and live rosin are non-BHO extracts, silicone parchment paper is the best paper for dabs.

Our customization options don't end with parchment paper. We can customize anything. Our unofficial motto is "If you can imagine it, we can make your vision come true."

Does My Brand Need Custom Parchment Paper?

Using custom parchment paper allows your brand to stand out. Changes in cannabis laws across many states have enabled numerous entrepreneurs to establish medical and recreational dispensaries. The space has become highly competitive.

Custom parchment paper creates an indelible first impression, which helps attract future clients.

Creating unique logos, striking colors, and captivating designs on custom cannabis packaging ensures your products stand out from the crowd.

The cannabis industry has quickly become one of the most profitable new business sectors. With so many businesses being established firms selling recreational and medical cannabis, new entrants can face challenges finding traction in the marketplace. Creative strategies can make the difference between success and failure.

Custom parchment paper levels the playing field between startups and established businesses. Another benefit to using custom parchment paper is it gives your products a professional and consistent brand identity. Clear branding enables your customers to identify your products quickly.

The Benefits of Our Customization Service

Short Turn-Around Time

We can turn around your customized products within ten business days. We have an exceptional team that works hard to deliver your products on time. The timely delivery of your custom parchment paper, custom paper drawer boxes, or other products enables you to serve your customers without delays.

In-House Design Team

We have a dedicated team of expert designers experienced in product branding. They can help create a unique and compelling branding design to ensure your products are captivating and recognizable.

Low Minimum Orders Quantities (MOQ)

With as few as 1000 pieces an order, you can easily adjust your operations to accommodate any shift in consumer behavior, seasonal offerings, or marketing campaigns.

Using custom parchment paper can help your company stay ahead of the curve. Check out our store when you want to purchase the joint box, custom joint case, or other wholesale products.

Custom Parchment Paper - The Bottom Line

We've got you covered whether you need PFTE Teflon to shatter wrapping parchment paper, premium silicone rosin press parchment paper, or unrefined RAW natural parchment papers. Our bulk parchment paper offerings cover all your needs (handling, manufacturing, safekeeping, and sales).

Integral for concentrate manufacturing, many dab connoisseurs keep a stockpile of parchment paper at home as dab mats (fallen dabs on parchment paper are more manageable to salvage than from tables or floors).

We recommend having a total supply of parchment papers in your dispensary or smoke shop. Keeping professional supplies like high-grade rosin press parchment paper in your store shows professionalism and helps your customers feel comfortable handling dabs, particularly the less experienced ones.

We can help you design custom parchment paper sheets - either for wrapping shatter or for selling to your dispensary clientele. Custom cannabis packaging is genuinely the best way to get your brand recognized and remembered in the cannabis community.

Minimum Quantity: 1,000 units

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