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Custom Printed Lighters give you an opportunity to use beautiful marijuana art and logo placement to make your product pop. Our creative design team will be happy to help you make your vision a reality.

Does My Business Need Branded Lighters in Bulk?

Purchasing custom lighters in bulk is a unique yet classic way to showcase your cannabis company’s brand! Think about it: Everybody needs a lighter. Lighters with logos are a brilliant and affordable way to represent your brand to every single cannabis consumer. It is an ingenious form of advertisement to order printed lighters cheap, so your brand can always have them in stock. No need to customize a company card, get a custom-made lighter for the same price that adds a unique and functional touch to your brand!

Customizable lighters are cost-efficient and cost-effective because you are investing a small amount into advertising for a large number of products to get your brand’s name out there. Custom lighters are a brilliant place to print your logo and make your product pop. Our beyond creative in-house design team can help your business create just about anything your heart desires with our top-quality custom lighter printing. Custom lighters in bulk can be the perfect little trinket you always have on hand.

Whether you decide your personalized lighters would be an amazing gift with a consumer’s product purchase or an alternative business card aka “business lighters”, customized lighters bulk orders are professional and so affordable they are a must-have for all cannabis company brands. Check out some of our custom lighters wholesale options and other promotional marijuana products to start building your cannabis company!

What Custom Printed Lighters Are Available?

Designer brand lighters such as custom BIC lighters wholesale are of the highest quality on the market and world-known for their product integrity and performance. From eye-popping colors and patterns, custom engraved lighters, to designing your very own dab torch. Your cannabis company can easily create a custom-made lighter that speaks to consumers everywhere!

Personalized lighters make a great gift for everyone, which is why Marijuana Packaging provides wholesale lighters with logos in a variety of fun options and design techniques. Your business has the option of ordering custom printed lighters or custom lighter labels while making cheap custom lighters even more affordable the more you buy!

The most popular and demanded designer lighters in bulk are the engraved butane lighter. Not only is the process of engraving an option, but it is such an eloquent sleek way of branding your business or company. Talk about show-stopping designer lighters there is no way your engraved torch lighters will go unnoticed by anyone!

Aside from the aesthetics of the engraved butane lighter, our refined butane has virtually no impurities. The lighters prevent clogging of your wholesale custom lighters and increase the longevity of their use. These factors create unparalleled convenience and reliability that keep your cannabis consumers satisfied while ultimately saving you money with the increased shelf life of your brilliantly branded and personalized lighters.

Our high-quality torch lighters are a must-have smoking device for cannabis consumers and get the flame for smoking dabs, pipes, and blunts just right. The refined butane within these customizable lighters provides maximum performance every single time. We make representing your brand on the best quality custom lighters in bulk simple, affordable, and as unique as it gets!

Where Can I Order My Custom Lighters Bulk?

Personalized lighters in bulk can be easily ordered and custom-designed right off our Marijuana packaging site! This site links you personally to our in-house design team as well as an impressively wide variety of customizable cannabis-related products. That’s right! Wholesale custom lighters are just the beginning of branded products we offer at Marijuana Packaging!

Custom lighters are such a unique way to get your brand name out there and a badass way to begin advertising your cannabis company. Our high-quality printing can transfer your lighter logo to mylar bags, custom caps for jars, and just about anything your mind can think of. Don’t limit your imagination and let Marijuana Packaging’s amazingly talented in-house design team help you design printed lighters and an assortment of custom products within no time!

Whether you would like your branded lighters engraved, embossed, or debossed with your company’s brand rocking center stage, you won’t be disappointed. All our designs, fonts, and custom printed lighters bulk are guaranteed to sell and able to be shipped directly to your shop. No hassle, no limitations, just purely awesome branding opportunities await you at Marijuana Packaging!

Minimum Quantity: 600 Units

Currently we DO NOT ship outside the U.S.

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Unveiling our White Glove Custom Branding on Packaging Services - the perfect union of elegance and personal touch. At Marijuana Packaging, we believe that your packaging should be as unique and distinctive as your brand. That's why we offer an unparalleled service, meticulously crafting premium packaging solutions that perfectly encapsulate your brand's identity, and proudly showcase your unique logo and design.

But our commitment to your brand extends beyond just packaging. We also host a team of seasoned designers who excel at translating your vision into a tangible design. Whether you come to us with a full comprehensive concept, or simply a dream scribbled on a napkin, our design crew will collaborate with you to transform your ideas into a visually striking reality.


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