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Custom concentrate shatter envelopes are a must-have to promote your brand while providing high-quality shatter packaging. With dabbing’s popularity on the rise, personalized shatter envelopes are the go-to packaging option if your business creates and sells shatter dabs!

Shatter is an aptly named type of wax; this concentrate type is very brittle and has a glass-like appearance. Like every concentrate product, shatter must be stored in packaging that protects it. This is where shatter envelopes come into play! These envelopes are designed specifically with shatter in mind; customers can easily take dabs from the packaging and keep new shatter safe.

These envelopes are the perfect packaging and will always provide your business and product with the best storage for dabs in the industry!

What Are Shatter Envelopes?

Shatter envelopes are the perfect packaging for concentrate. When paired with custom parchment paper, shatter envelopes protect wax concentrate for commercial use. Shatter envelopes are discreet, lightweight, and protective; they fold inward and outward to seal and open the packaging.

Custom shatter envelopes are the same as plain ones, except with your unique and attention-grabbing logo! So let us rephrase: custom envelopes aren’t the same; they’re better.

Why Your Business Needs Custom Shatter Envelopes

There are several reasons why custom concentrate envelopes are perfect for your business. One of the most significant reasons is that branded shatter envelopes build your name recognition. Customers who share their shatter with friends will undoubtedly be fielding questions about your fantastic concentrate and your amazing packaging. Previous customers will instantly recognize your branding, and customization will draw potential customers to your custom extract envelopes. There is no easier way to advertise than with custom concentrate packaging!

Packaging with custom concentrate shatter envelopes will create a memorable experience from start to finish. Your unique brand will pull customers in, the quality shatter will impress them, and they will seek out your custom shatter envelopes for more.

What Kinds of Custom Shatter Envelopes are Available?

When designing your custom concentrate shatter envelopes, we know you do not want to be limited. Creating the best-branded packaging is essential to building the personal vision for your company, so we provide a plethora of options for you to choose from!

There will always be an envelope style that will fit your customization needs. We offer glossy, matte, and foil options; starting from the envelope itself, the branding experience is personalized. We also provide a variety of colors; go bright yellow with graffiti font if your business is geared towards street style. Is your brand focused on luxury? Pair a sleek black envelope with a simple yet unmissable logo—brand as bold or understated as you’d like.

Where to Buy Custom Shatter Envelopes

There is no better place to turn to for custom shatter envelopes than Marijuana Packaging. As the top online supplier for all things concentrates packaging, we know how important packaging is. We also know how expensive and time-consuming it can be to buy packaging and then customize it through two different businesses. Think of us as your one-stop shop for everything packaging and customization! This is why, at Marijuana Packaging, we provide both shatter envelopes and customization.

We can print it onto your custom shatter envelopes if you have an existing logo. No logo, no problem! We have a talented team of in-house designers to bring your vision to life! No item is too tall an order for our design team; they will work closely with you to create exactly the branded shatter envelopes you want.

Custom Shatter Envelopes - The Bottom Line

All the envelopes we offer are at wholesale prices. When you purchase wholesale dab containers, you can keep your expenses low. You can also offer your products at a lower cost! Marijuana Packaging’s price beat guarantee promises that you will always get the best-priced custom shatter envelopes! When you order from us, not only are you getting top-quality packaging, but you are keeping your bottom line tight. We cannot wait to begin working with you to create the perfect packaging vision!

Minimum Quantity: 5,000 units

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