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Seal your doob tubes, cannabis vials, jars and more with custom shrink bands emblazoned with your unique logo. This is a stylish, business-savvy method of securing your products with tamper evident packaging while adding your seal of approval. Our design team will ensure that your logo displays clearly so that your customers know they’re shopping from the best. Keep it simple with just your logo or go all out with custom designed patterns that cover the full surface of the shrink band. If you can think it, our design team can do it.

Introducing custom shrink bands in your product packaging could be the game-changing idea your business needs to get ahead of the competition. Although tamper-evident shrink bands are often associated with product safety, customizing them to match your brand can help your company make an excellent first impression on customers.

Custom shrink sleeves have been widely adopted by businesses across numerous industries, from food to medicine and even the cannabis sector. Manufacturers use several materials to produce shrink bands, including Polyethylene, Polyolefin, and Polypropylene. They are versatile and easy to use when working with distinctively-shaped products.

What Are Custom Shrink Bands?

Shrink bands are plastic casing that wraps around product packaging, mainly used for tamper evidence and safety. Hence, customized shrink sleeve labels refer to these plastic casings printed with personalized designs. This can range from simple logos to elaborate artistic patterns.

Utilizing custom printed shrink bands is a surefire and affordable way to make your products stand out and entice customers. With the ability to personalize the shrink sleeves that wrap your packaging, you can uniquely communicate your brand's message and market your goods.

Consumers only take a few seconds to make a purchase decision, and employing custom packaging for cannabis can tip the odds in your favor. Therefore, getting personalized shrink bands should be a priority for brands that want to be distinct in the market.

How To Use Custom Shrink Bands

One of the advantages of using branded shrink bands is that they are relatively straightforward to apply. Although large operations may require industry-grade mechanical shrinking equipment to wrap their products with custom shrink bands, you can achieve similar results using a heat gun and shrink sleeves. Here's how to do it.

  • Step One: Load your products into your packaging containers and close them.
  • Step Two: Apply your custom shrink bands over the necks and closures of your containers.
  • Step Three: Using a heat gun, apply even heat throughout the custom printed shrink sleeves until it wraps snugly on your container and takes its shape.

When applying custom printed shrink bands to your products, keep the heat gun 6 to 12 inches away from the container. Doing this will help distribute heat evenly across the shrink sleeves. Using the heat gun too close to the customized shrink bands can cause it to melt or disfigure. Although this three-step process may seem simple, you must always maintain caution to achieve the best results.

Determining The Right Size For Your Custom Printed Shrink Sleeves

Determining the right sized custom shrink bands for your containers is a crucial factor to consider. It can save you time and money when acquiring bulk orders.Most companies work with several products that require distinct packaging containers. Therefore, they often need different-sized shrink sleeves for their products.

Fortunately, determining the size of your customized shrink sleeve labels is just as straightforward as using them. The first step is getting the circumference of the largest side of your container. Once you get the measurements, add 10% of the circumference and divide the answer by two.

Therefore, if the largest circumference of your container is 200 millimeters, the equation would be as follows:

200x10%= 20

200+20= 220

220/2= 110

Hence, you'll need custom shrink sleeves with a width of 110 millimeters for the best results when wrapping your products. The height of the band will depend on how big your container is. The measurements for designer shrink bands are listed as WIDTH x HEIGHT. Hence, if a shrink sleeve is recorded to have 30/60 dimensions, the width measures 30 millimeters while the height is 60 millimeters.

Custom printed shrink sleeves can reduce by up to 40% when applied to containers. For this reason, getting shrink bands that are slightly larger than what you require can help you avoid acquiring wraps that are too small.

Does My Business Need Branded Shrink Bands?

The short answer is yes. Incorporating unique logo styles, texts, and patterns on your designer shrink bands is essential for elevating your products above your competitors. Awe-inspiring packaging and visual designs can help your brand leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Similarly, shrink bands offer several benefits to businesses across all industries. Designer shrink bands are very affordable and easy to use. For this reason, they provide the best value for money.

Where To Buy Wholesale Custom Shrink Bands

Marijuana Packaging is the go-to place for purchasing shrink bands and other branded tamper-evident jar labels. Although there are several places to get personalized shrink bands, you should only buy from reputable wholesalers capable of fulfilling your orders. Here are some reasons why Marijuana Packaging is the best place to source custom shrink bands in bulk.

In-House Branding Team

One of the advantages of getting branded shrink bands from Marijuana Packaging is that our company has a dedicated in-house design team ready to bring your vision to life. For this reason, you'll get to work side by side with branding experts to make your own shrink bands, which can help you communicate your brand's message.

Similarly, we provide customization for several other packaging items, from customized cannabis jarsto personalized pre-roll labels and more. Therefore, you can trust that we have the expertise and experience to handle your brand's orders.

Low Minimum Order Quantities

Marijuana Packaging also has low minimum order quantities for custom printed shrink bands and other products. As a result, new entrepreneurs can get unique shrink sleeves for their brands without breaking the bank. This helps small businesses get their name out there and allows them to plan for the future accordingly.

Minimum Quantity: 5,000 units

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