Dr. Dabber - Aurora Vaporizer Kit

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Offering versatility for a variety of vaping experiences, the Dr. Dabber Aurora portable vaporizer is the perfect vape pen for those of us who like choices. Since this is a Dr. Dabber vaporizer, the oil pen is typically sleek but offers flexibility of 3 precision-calibrated heat options, ensuring you attain the flavor you’re craving. One aspect that makes the Aurora unique is trading in screw pieces for reliable magnetic closures that make assembly and disassembly easier than ever before. This portable vaporizer comes equipped with not 1 but 3 top-performance atomizers: 1.) ceramic halo with quartz dish, 2.) dual ceramic heating rods with quartz dish, and 3.) dual quartz heating rods with quartz dish. The Aurora wax pen gives you a ton of room to experiment while still backing you up with that low-heat tech Dr. Dabber for which Dr. Dabber is loved.

Package Contents:

  • 3 Atomizers (Ceramic Halo with quartz dish, 2 Dual ceramic heating rods with quartz dish)
  • Shatter proof silicone container
  • Standard magnet charger
  • loading tool
  • instruction manual