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Economy Reversible Cap Vial Opaque Blue 13 Dram - 275 Count

Product code: RCSB13-E

Sold out

Discontinued Product: Please refer to this comparable product Solid Blue Reversible Cap Vial 13 Dram - 275 Count 

Economy Reversible Caps provide an affordable means of rendering your medicine bottles airtight, protecting your meds while providing a secure closure. Flip the cap upside down to utilize an easier screwp cap entry point. These are among our most affordable options for reversible caps so, if you’re looking to stock up on plastic screw caps for airtight vials, you’ll want to grab the economy models before they’re gone.

  • $0.11 per unit
  • 275 units per box
  • Fits 1-2 grams of medication
  • Airtight, Moisture Resistant, and Odor Proof Design