Einstein T=HC2 Metal Rolling Tray - Medium

Product code: 24357

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The only energy that matters is the one you will vibe off when you roll your joints on this vibrant T=HC2 medium metal rolling tray.  This T=HC2 Rolling Tray is made of high-quality metal and is relatively one of the best finds you’ll find in the rolling tray universe, really, it is one of a kind. With its smooth, metal surface, you can easily roll your flower into perfect flower joints anywhere you go or use it to place all your smoking accessories. This metal rolling tray features rounded corners to ensure you pour out all your product into your pre-rolled cones.  It’s the perfect tray to serve up some fun wherever you go.   

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  • Brand: V-Syndicate   
  • Material: Metal  
  • Size: 10.5 in. x 6.25 in. 
  • Rounded corners