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Female 2 in 1 Ceramic Honey Bucket - 14mm & 18mm

Product code: 33204

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This Female 2-in-1 Ceramic Honey Bucket combines the efficiency of a vapor dome, the utility of a banger, and the versatility of both 14mm and 18mm joint compatibility. It’s perfect if you’re regularly swapping rigs from your collection. The ceramic material lends to delicious flavor so you can really savor each hit. The design is also conducive to even heating so that you’re not wasting any wax. Take your rig to the next level with this Female 2-in-1 Ceramic Honey Bucket upgrade.
  • Size: 14mm / 18mm
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Style: Honey bucket
  • Features: 2 in 1

This product is intended for legal and medical concentrate use only.