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FUTUROLA | Reefer Size Pre-Rolled Cones | 98mm - Classic White Paper - 800 Count


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RōL | 98 Special Size Pre-Rolled Cones | 98mm - Porcelain White Paper - 800 Count

RōL | 98 Special Size Pre-Rolled Cones | 98mm - Porcelain White Paper - 800 Count


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Product Specification

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Reefer Size (98mm)


White Paper







child resistance



Allow us to illuminate a standout product that has made waves in the cannabis industry: the Futurola White Paper 98 size pre-rolled cones. With a reputable name and quality you can trust, Futurola has consistently led the pack in creating top-notch pre-roll cones, perfect for a wide array of brands and producers.

What sets these cones apart? Simplicity is the key. The design allows for easy filling, making the process as smooth as possible. And we're not just talking about a select few strains here. These cones are ready to hold 0.75 grams of your choice cannabis flower. A versatility that has made it a go-to for many brands in the industry.

One of the many benefits of these joint cones is their compatibility with a wide variety of packaging products. From pre-roll tubes to joint boxes, these cones fit seamlessly, offering ease and convenience at every turn. What's more, the filter tip length of 26mm ensures a consistent, enjoyable experience for the end user.

For those in the business of producing pre-rolls, cost is always a key consideration. Here, Futurola doesn't disappoint. With wholesale prices available, these pre-roll cones offer superb value, marrying quality with cost-effectiveness.

Let's dive a little deeper into the specifics:

  • Easy to fill: Streamline your production process with cones designed for simple, quick filling.
  • Highly compatible: These cones work flawlessly with a host of packaging products, from pre-roll tubes to joint boxes.
  • Wholesale prices: Keep your costs low without compromising on quality.
  • Perfect for 0.75 grams of cannabis flower: The cones hold just the right amount of product for a satisfying experience.
  • Filter tip length of 26mm: This provides consistency, ensuring every customer enjoys a great experience.

Whatever your brand, whatever your product, Futurola's white paper pre-rolled cones are an excellent choice. They offer an easy, efficient way to package your cannabis products, while also delivering a superior experience for the end user. This is quality you can trust, from a name synonymous with excellence in the cannabis industry.

Take your brand to the next level with Futurola's white paper pre-rolled cones.

This product is intended for tobacco use only.